Beetles 5Pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes with 36 Pcs Gel


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Direction to use

Part One: Strip the wax from the brush bristles.


1. Add clean monomer liquid to a small container.

2. To remove wax film, soak brush bristles in liquid and blot excess with paper towels.

B Taking care of your brush's handle


1. Immediately after use, always clean your brush.

2. Fill a glass container with the nail brush cleaner mixture. Beauty supply stores frequently carry cleaning solutions. Until the brush is clearly clean, immerse it in the cleaning solution.

3. Squeeze the brush's bristles on a piece of paper to absorb the liquid. Because the bristles are delicate and easily damaged, try not to press the brush down too firmly on the paper towel.

4. Gently reshape the brush with your fingers, then let it dry.

5. (Optional) After you've finished cleaning the brush, dab a little cuticle oil or olive oil on the tip. The bristles will stay soft as a result. Run the brush under warm, soapy water to remove the oil.


You can get lovely nails at home from beetles.

Beetles 5Pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes with 36 Pcs Gel

Beetles 5Pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes with 36 Pcs Gel

Beetles 5Pcs Nail Art Liner Brushes with 36 Pcs Gel

Why Choose It:

✵ Made of high-quality fiber that won't warp or corrode. The nail brush is secured to the fiber and metal tubes with a strong glue that is long-lasting and will keep the brush firmly attached to your nails.

✵ For creating gel nail art, drawing lines, delicate flowers, and pattern designs on nail tips, elegant and practical nail brush designs are ideal. Both at home and in a salon for professionals.

✵ Five different sizes of professional nail brushes are available: Pink at 5 mm, dark blue at 7 mm, gold at 9 mm, cyan at 11 mm, and black at 20 mm. Pen Length in Total: approximately 17 cm ideal for creating various patterns.

✵ The nail brush body is lightweight and comfortable, making it simple to hold and use to paint beautiful nail designs.


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