Why Get a Glow LED Light Collar for your Dog

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Alan
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Why Get a Glow LED Light Collar for your Dog

Every time you take your dog out for a nighttime stroll, you are always trying your best to protect him from danger. Low lighting results in reduced visibility, making it difficult for owners to keep track of their dogs. 

Did you know an LED dog collar offers additional safety during evening walks as it lets you supervise and keep an eye on your dog? All such products come with on/off switches. But your dog can easily turn on the switch by rubbing or scratching it up against something. You can use tape to keep your pet from turning the device on when you don’t want to use it for any reason.

Nonetheless, an LED light collar is the best way to maintain good visibility every time your dog is out at night. You can use it alongside one in place of your pup’s standard collar. 

Top Reasons Why you need a Glow LED light Collar

LED products provide a great deal of benefits for you and your pets.  A remarkable thing about an LED dog collar is that they do no harm to the environment as they make use of rechargeable batteries. Let us review some of the benefits of getting a glow LED light collar for your dog

More Visibility

More than 1 million dogs suffer car-accident injuries each year in the U.S. alone. While dog owners try their best to keep their pups safe from approaching traffic, sometimes it becomes impossible to protect your pet. Generally, dog owners walk their dogs through an area where there is not too much traffic. Nonetheless, vehicles continue to pose a threat if there is not enough light to see clearly. 

That’s when an LED light collar comes in handy. The glowing light from your dog’s LED collar makes sure your pup is more visible to all drivers. Thanks to this functionality, drivers can prevent an unfortunate accident if someone’s precious pet runs onto the road and finds itself in front of their car. Pet owners who have a small or dark-colored dog can greatly benefit from this accessory. Moreover, if too many people in your neighborhood walk their pets or dogs at night, an LED dog collar is a great tool to alert anyone who is around you and your dog.

Helps you Take Care of your Dog’s Nighttime Poop 

We all hate to admit it, but picking up your dog’s poop is cumbersome when it is pitch dark. Not only an LED light collar protects your dog from auto drivers and motorcyclists, but it also helps you keep track of your pet to spot when and where they are relieving themselves. With an LED collar, you no longer have to carry a flashlight to bend over and pick it up. 

Illuminates your Path

Again, replace your flashlight if you carried an accessory to light your way previously. It is common for dogs to crisscross your path. However, the LED collar lights up your path to make this convenient for your furry friend. Gone are the days when you needed to hold a flashlight to avoid bumps on your way. Investing in a reliable LED dog collar guides you throughout your walk and protects you from any obstacles

Offers Ultimate Protection

Findings reveal that pet owners lose more than 10 million pets every year in the U.S.

In case your dog likes to chase animals or wanders off easily, a glow LED light collar keeps track of your dogs, especially at night. You can easily locate your pet if you lose him during an evening walk. No matter how dark it is outside, the light from the collar is visible up to 350 yards, which makes it easier for you to find your missing dog. 

However, an LED light collar is not a replacement for a leash. So keeping your pet on a leash is still a great idea to avoid any such accidents

Tips to Buy the Best Led Dog Collar

When choosing the best-LED dog collar for your dog, it is imperative that you keep a few factors in mind. The product you purchase should be bright enough to improve your dog’s visibility. Moreover, it should be of the right size and offer a reliable warranty. The ideal LED dog collar is light-weight and does not interfere with your dog’s daily activity. 

Remember to choose the best size to fit your dog’s neck perfectly. Most products are one size fits all. However, if your dog has a wide neck, make sure you choose an appropriate size. There are several other features that give a collar an edge over other products. Opt for water-resistant options and products that feature a long-lasting battery. 

Dog owners have the option of turning the collar on or off. Typically, a collar operates in fixed mode, slow flashing mode, or fast flashing mode. All you need to do is press the on/off button to make it work

Every product comes with its respective USB charger cable. Most collars have a battery life of six to ten hours. 

Green is one of the most popular colors for brightness. However, most products also feature blue or pink colors. It is better to keep your collar on flash mode than solid since it makes the collar shine like a beacon in the night. 

Such collars come in small, medium, and large sizes. Initially, brands manufactured collars for only large breeds. Over time, the need for producing these accessories for smaller dogs led to a wide variety of products for all breeds. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know why you need an LED dog collar for your pet and how you can buy the best one do not settle for an ordinary plastic ring for your pet. Invest in a premium glow LED light collar with all the bells and whistles to protect and prolong your dog’s life. 

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