Where to Sell Items Online

Posted on March 06, 2022 by Mohammad Wasim
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Where to Sell Items Online

Whether you are in need of extra cash or just looking to de-clutter for a calming effect, you can earn good money by selling out your excess belongings. You might learn a lot of things during this time, and discover several places where you can sell things to earn extra cash and organize your life at the same time.

Online selling sites offer a great opportunity for sellers to reach out to a large and diverse set of customers all across the globe. However, a few of them charge a small fee for letting you sell your products. If you are looking at a profitable way to sell your products, it is important to start with the best and most popular websites that let you find more buyers for your products. 

Today, sellers can choose from different marketplaces to sell items online. Regardless of the reason why you want to sell your stuff online, here are some of the most amazing online selling platforms where you can showcase your products. 

It's almost hard to believe that Amazon was once just an online bookseller. Today, Amazon is one of the best visited online stores offering millions of products across multiple ranges of product categories. Amazon offers an easy-to-follow and profitable program for selling your stuff online. 
The Amazon Seller Marketplace lets you sell a large number of items online, including used items. There are various categories to list your products. These include Amazon devices and accessories, equipment and accessories, kindle devices and accessories, automotive and power sports parts, cell phones, tools, beauty, books, clothing and many more. Amazon charges a fee for listing and selling online, and the prices vary depending on how many items you are selling in a given number of days.


Poshmark is the best choice when it comes to selling your fashion accessories and clothes. When you are selling an item on Poshmark, you receive a prepaid shipping label to send it out. The site takes a small commission, according to the transaction amount. Major categories you can sell items for include kid’s clothing, women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, bags, and beauty accessories. Poshmark also offers a Posh Protect program to guarantee timely payments. 

Etsy is growing as an online selling platform. Since its inception in 2005, the platform serves as a hub for artists, crafters, and art enthusiasts. With over 1.6 million active sellers, Etsy is now among the top choices to sell items online. If you have handmade and unique goods, there is no limit to selling on this platform. Categories you can sell include accessories, costumes, jewelry, gifts, and home décor. 
Etsy is comparatively cheaper than other selling stores since it charges only a $0.20 USD listing fee for every item, with a set 3.5% commission. This fixed pricing model is quite an attraction for sellers. 

Sell almost anything on Craigslist for free and without any conditions. There is no listing fee or selling charges. The site has an easy process, which makes it easier for sellers who are not so tech-savvy. Since it works more like a forum, you are on your own to sell and handle disputes. 
Craigslist will only charge a small fee for some post types, like job listings or vehicles. But, you can list products of any sort for free. The popular selling platform is ideal for those online sellers who are looking to sell locally and prefer to manage their transactions personally. Another great feature for sellers is that you get to meet the people you are selling to and get cash-in-hand with no network or shipping fees. Here, you can sell all kinds of tools, kitchen appliances, electronics of all sorts, bicycles, other general accessories, and much more. 

Popular as a leading tech e-retailer, Newegg is a marketplace that caters to all your tech-related products. If you have a collection of electronics, computers, accessories, entertainment gadgets, and gaming products, this is one of the best places to sell items online. 
Once you advertise your product on the website, it becomes accessible to millions of potential customers. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, this is the best platform for selling your tech products online. Newegg offers sellers a great opportunity to reach both businesses and consumers. Apart from being a B2C marketplace, it also serves as a B2C network for allowing you to access over 150,000 businesses in the U.S

StoresGo is a global store that aims to serve both buyers and sellers, maintaining a fair transaction algorithm to facilitate its customers. The platform offers a sophisticated technological infrastructure to simply add your products and wait for buyers to buy them without any charges. StoresGo also encourage aspiring sellers to transform their ideas into successful businesses. The platform brings buyers and sellers together - similar to Etsy and Amazon. 
The best part is that it is a free marketplace, which means the site does not charge the sellers for their listings and does not earn any commission on your sales. 


Walmart is one of the largest retail corporations. But not too many sellers are aware that the retail giant is now operating as an online network to bridge the gap between customers and sellers. Now you can sell all your products through Walmart Marketplace. Much like Amazon, the marketplace works by letting you sell your products in various categories. Utilizing Walmart’s customer base and massive reach can help you sell your products quickly and to the best buyers. 

Final Thoughts
Whether you are an entrepreneur or run a startup, you can choose these platforms to sell items online. Online selling is a great option because you can sell your products from any location and during any time of the day. Selling items online let you avoid any upfront investments that are a common part of many traditional retail businesses. You successfully build your own business and watch your sales grow without taking care of all the technicalities involved in running an online business. 


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