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Posted on March 08, 2022

Selling furniture can be an arduous task. Furniture is big, heavy, and a general pain to move around. That being said, furniture can also be very expensive.  Making furniture uses a lot of resources so just throwing it away is a major disservice to the environment. There might also be people who require the very item that you want to get rid of. Hence, the best way to get rid of old or unwanted furniture is to put it up for sale to earn some extra cash.

There are plenty of ways to sell off your furniture. You can go to special marketplaces or have garage sales. These days you can even find websites and apps that are geared especially to the selling and buying of furniture. Many of these places provide a platform to advertise the items and even takes care of the sales process. This includes the delivery process.

There are certain tips and tricks to boost the selling factor of your furniture. Things like clear pictures and exact to the point descriptions can help with the boosting on the site. Be sure the prices are fair.

Now that you have the details and pictures ready, the next thing to do is to find a site or platform that best suits your needs. Some of the places where you can sell your unwanted furniture are listed below.


One such online marketplace is SroresGo. SroresGo is a free global marketplace. Here sellers can put up both new and both items to be sold. Sellers can go through the listed items and choose what they want. SroresGo is a platform for selling and buying all kinds of items. Some of the items are furniture.

The SroresGo site is the perfect place to sell unwanted furniture and make some cash on the side. Or maybe you can find your calling and start a business selling furniture. SroresGo has super simple and easy to use software makes it the perfect site for people who are just beginning to venture into the online selling market.

The SroresGo furniture section is where you will be putting your items up for sale. SroresGo gets thousands of customers each day. This helps with the likelihood of your item being seen and potentially being bought by interested customers. Just make sure to take good clear pictures of the furniture you want to be sold and give thorough details and make sure to use words that help with the listing of the item.


Bonanza is an online marketplace that allows sellers to create booths for the items they want to sell. Each booth provides the seller with the option of selling a wide variety of options. This is useful if you are looking to sell multiple pieces of furniture. All you need to do is create a booth, list your furniture and wait for the customers.


Shopify is an online marketplace where you can create a web store. This makes it a good option if you are looking to create a business by selling furniture. The website offers a template that you can use to create a storefront. From here, you can then use the customizing editor to make the changes that you desire. One downside of Shopify is the number of stores already present on the site. Since there are already so many stores on the platform, it becomes harder to get noticed by potential customers. You might end up having to invest in advertisements to increase exposure. 


Craigslists allow for local selling of furniture. Go to your local board and select the place for selling furniture and create a listing. The best way to go is to put clear good quality pictures and add an engaging description.

Craigslist also does not charge extra to sell furniture. That being said, the site is not helpful in the process of selling. You will have to arrange the shipping of the furniture and the processing of the payment on your own. If you end up having to meet the buyer, you will have to arrange that yourself as well.

Fortunately, though craigslist is a large platform with a huge audience. This will greatly help with your chances of finding a buyer.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a site on the social media network that enables sellers to put a variety of items on sale. For this, you will have to go to the Marketplace section of the site, and from there, you can create a listing. After which you add your location, from here, your listing becomes visible to potential buyers.

Another option for selling furniture on Facebook is through buying and selling groups. These are pages where you can talk to the moderators and ask them to add your items to the page or group. Often each one of these groups comes with rules of its own.

Facebook does not charge you for putting items up for sale. You will have to arrange a meeting with the buyer, payments, and shipping of the furniture on your own, though. Also, the huge audience of Facebook makes it possible for a higher number of potential buyers to see your furniture and increase the possibility of it getting sold.

We all grow out of the need or want of material items. Many times, getting rid of such things can be hard work and also pretty wasteful. One such material item is furniture. Furniture is big, awkward, and hard to make, which makes giving it away so much harder. Thankfully with the internet and today's technology, selling furniture has now become earlier than ever. Multiple websites offer the platform required to put up your old, unwanted furniture for sale. These places make it easier for you to come in contact with potentially interested customers. Many of these websites even take care of the harder bits of selling furniture like the delivery and shipment process. So now you can both earn extra cash and be environmentally conscious when it comes to selling furniture, and all this from the comfort of your home computer.