Where Can I Sell My Products Online For Free?

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Fed Alcius
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Where Can I Sell My Products Online For Free?

Selling and earning online has become the new norm of the business world. With more than 1.66 billion people engaged in online shopping each year, sellers are looking forward to the digital world of e-commerce for improved business growth and a chance to earn maximum profit without spending much. 

But choosing big names such as Amazon and eBay that demand quite a percentage of your profit margin may not sound feasible for everyone.

Then, how to sell products online internationally without sharing much of your profit? 

If this is what you are looking for, we have news for you. We have done the homework for you and have some impressive places where you can get started without letting anyone be a partner in your income.


Is It Possible To Run An Online Business For Free?

There are millions of e-commerce platforms allowing startups and businesses to reach out to a wider audience and improve their overall sales score in the online shopping world. But finding one that goes with the mindset of the “sell online no fees” approach is nearly impossible to find.

Almost all platforms are bound to charge you at some point. From registration to listing products to marketing your products and monthly subscription, any e-commerce site may urge you to spend a proportion of your earnings one way or the other.

So, instead of looking for an entirely free place to initiate your business (there is a slim chance for this to happen), you need to pick an online marketplace that offers a quick, effortless product listing, effective marketing options, simple, smooth selling procedure, has reliable payment options, and demands minimal commission for their services. 



Best Online Places To Sell Your Products

Here are the best online marketplaces to consider for a promising startup, and let us tell you, some of them are almost free.


1. StoresGo (Almost Free)

StoresGo is an online marketplace that allows sellers to sell online and earn money quickly by simply creating an account, listing their products, and start selling those products right away. The place is ideal for selling all sorts of products ranging from oversized electronic items to pet food and jewelry, whatever your idea of business is.


There is no registration, subscription, listing, or product marketing fee of any kind.


  • With the simple, user-friendly interface and easy account-creating process, sellers can commence their business activity straight from day one. 


  • With StoresGo, creating a list of your products is effortless, and as there is no marketing fee, every seller enjoys equal opportunity to having their products showcased on the homepage. So, it truly follows a “sell online no fees” approach.


  • This online marketplace is the smartest one we have comes across as it accommodates almost every need of a seller. It has all the tabs such as bestselling (showcasing most in-demand products), new arrivals, and wholesale, which allow sellers to view and buy bulk items for wholesale purposes.


  • The almost free online marketplace allows sellers to ship products for free, saving you some extra bucks. Isn’t it amazing?


  • It supports all sorts of payment options, including Pay Pal, Google Pay account, and more. 


  • Excellent customer support system, personalized shipping fee, and advanced marketing options are some of the more features we love.


  • It allows you to sell products both locally and internationally.


Summarizing all the facts, you get to enjoy all aspects of a fully developed and upgraded e-commerce site without paying much. All they charge is a minimum of 10% commission fee as their service fee, and that too after the product has reached the final customer, and the customer is happy with it.


In short, StoresGo is the best place to sell online and enjoy immense opportunities for growth and expansion. 


2. Craigslist

Craigslist - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

If you are looking for a completely free place to sell your product and want to limit your selling activity to the local market, try Craigslist. Here, setting an account, listing your products, and commencing your online business will not cost you a single penny. As the website is directed for local selling, you will be handling cash exchange personally, meaning you won't have to pay the website any portion of your sale. 


The Not So Good Part? 


All-in-all, Craigslist is your answer to how to sell my product locally online. However, it lacks the modern tools and advanced interface needed and provided on e-commerce sites to market your products better. Besides, you don’t have the margin to become part of the vast international e-commerce community.



3. Depop

If your online business idea revolves around fashion and trends, Depop can help you sell products with ease. The website has an engaging and attractive interface and looks more like a social networking site. So, it is more of a fashion marketplace and has over 18 million active users. All you got to do is 


  • Install the app from Google Store 

  • Set up your shop 

  • Upload products from your gallery

  • Market your products using the hashtags feature 

  • And finally, start attracting customers instantly. 


The site demands 10% of the commission on every item you sell at the end of the day. Although Depop is not a perfect e-commerce website presenting you with all the solutions and features required to create a complete e-store as it is restricted to selling fashion items, the website is excellent for occasional selling.



4. eBay

eBay is an international online selling platform with about 22 million sellers and allows you to sell products from all around the world. It is more of an auction site where buyers can bargain for the product they feel interested in.


When it comes to selling a product, sellers are required to


  • Choose a particular marketplace for their product 

  • Set up an account

  • Design an attractive webpage 

  • And choose one of the two pricing options; fixed or auction. 


To maintain the standard of their website, eBay requires sellers to clearly describe the products they are selling along with the terms and conditions associated with them. Finally, the site also supports strong coordination between buyers and sellers through its active customer service system.


The Not So Good Part? 


The biggest drawback of using eBay is that it demands a monthly product listing fee. Although you get to list 50 items freely every month, you must pay about $0.35 for listing your products on the site after that. And once you hit a bargain, the website charges 10% of your total sale.


Summing up

Selling and earning online is the way of the future. It's easier for both sellers and buyers as it eliminates many chores related to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. But to move forward in the online marketplace, you must have a reliable and safe selling platform that demands less and provide more. 

Based on this factor, it seems StoresGo can prove to be a reliable partner in your online trade. So, if you are looking to sell online and earn money, we recommend you check out the platform and use its advanced features to expand your business.


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