What Smartwatches Work With iPhone; Find the Best Apple Watch and Alternative Smartwatches Compatible with iOS

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Posted on March 09, 2022

If you are an iPhone user and looking for a smartwatch, you might not think other than Apple smartwatch alternatives. Of course, Apple watches are the best option to pair with your iPhone to sync and run all the apps and functions optimally, but today, the market is saturated with tons of other than Apple smartwatches that are iPhone compatible. You can also find one of your choices at SroresGo today.

Smartwatches that support Google's Wear OS also pair perfectly with iPhones, though some features and apps function might get limited that you can only fully enjoy with an Android phone.

Fitbits and Samsung's watches with its own built Tizen software also pair up nicely with any iPhone. If you search for a smartwatch for iPhone, you can easily get confused to make a single choice. But we, at SroresGo.com, have researched and listed out the Best Apple Smartwatches and iOS Compatible Smartwatches for you.

  1. Apple Watch Series 6

One of the latest wearables to pair with your iPhone is Series 6 from Apple. It's the first Apple Watch with a built-in sleep tracker. Series 6 comes with high-end health and fitness tech features like a SpO2 sensor to monitor blood oxygen levels and ECG screening. The always-on display and stainless-steel body make it worth buying. For having a more aesthetic look, there are many beautiful case colors available like rose gold, blue, red, and many more, and you will essentially be getting all the latest features, watch faces, and app updates for years to come.

The built-in GPS, 5ATM water resistance, sports tracing, and health monitoring are key features. Single-day battery life can work more than that, but of course, it all depends on the usage.

  1. Apple Smartwatch SE

Apple Watch SE is a good option to pair with your iPhone by spending less money than the latest series. It offers a larger screen with GPS, fitness and sports tracking, water-resistant, and also gives you LTE connectivity. SE watch Apple pay app also lets you manage your payments as all other Apple watches offer. The SE smartwatch has got a single day to a half more day battery life. The gadget has come with many software updates for the coming years. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The best and unobjectionable first alternative to the Apple Watch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which comes closest in terms of design and feature specs but entirely different in terms of design.

The Galaxy Watch is more like a premium classic wristwatch, available in two different sizes, 41mm and 45mm.

Samsung offers 360x360 AMOLED glossy screen with a rotating bezel, which is used to control menus on the screen physically. The smartwatch is packed with a fitness tracker, including GPS and health monitoring features like heart rate sensor, ECG, blood pressure monitoring, and fall detection.

You can receive a call, text messages, emails, and other notifications even if your phone is out of reach.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

What other smartwatches would be better to pair with your iPhone than Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. It is a feature-rich smartwatch with plenty of health and fitness features to offer you at a very reasonable price. The sleek, sporty wearable runs on Samsung's Tizen OS. Galaxy smartwatch with solid performance provides great battery life but makes it well if you're looking to get properly active, as the name suggests.

It has a more attractive circular display than the Apple Watch's squarish look. Active 2 has a digital rotating bezel to navigate menus. Its fitness and health tracking and monitoring features are just as good as Apple's but can only be used with the Samsung Health app for iOS instead of the Apple Health app.

It is a water-resistant smart gadget with a swim tracking feature and tons of other workouts, including outdoor runs using built-in GPS. There's even a 4G internet option. An expanding range of downloadable apps is available, and it works pretty well with an iPhone.

  1. Huawei Watch GT2

The Huawei Watch is obviously a better version of the old models with an improved look and features that justify the value for money.

It can be your health care partner even when paired with the iPhone. You can track your exercise routes with the help of a built-in GPS. Heart rate monitoring, real-time guidance and coaching, recovery time calculations, and other health-related features help take your fitness to the next level.

Huawei watch can also work independently to receive notifications on screen and listen to music for which it has its own storage. Making payment through Huawei wearable also make it a good pair for your iPhone.

Watch mode can take you up to 3 weeks of battery life while the smart power-saving mode will give two days' service, and GPS active mode will give seven service hours. The battery life is good for so many functions working simultaneously.

  1. Garmin Vivoactive

Garmin has long been a smartwatch manufacturer that features durable components to cater to the outdoors and fitness crowd. One of the cool things about Vivoactive is it offers GPS tracking with very reasonable price tags. It accommodates the sporty tracking needs of cycling, hiking, running, etc. without relying on your smartphone. The water-resistance and heart rate monitoring feature makes it a solid preference. The watch also offers Wi-fi connectivity.

Garmin Vivoactive smartwatches can connect to iPhone or Android, and you can enjoy using a full range of apps, including text, emails, calendar, and other notifications. Using social media from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to upgraded watch faces and widgets, everything is smooth and fun.

One of the reasons behind Garmin's popularity among runners and walkers is its vibration and notification alerts that are associated with your heart rate, distance covered, auto-lap and auto-pause, and similar physical activities.

The battery life is good enough and can last up to 21 days in standard mode and 10 hours with the GPS switched on. 

  1. Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic is another fitness tracking timepiece compatible with iOS. It is a highly functional smartwatch with the best fitness tracking features. The built-in GPS makes it an awesome choice for workout and exercise lovers. The heart rate tracking and other piles of fitness features make this device the best pair with an iPhone. You can store around 300 soundtracks in your smartwatch and enjoy music streaming by connecting with Bluetooth headphones available at the best prices at SroresGo. The Fitbit ionic has excellent battery life.

  1. Fitbit Versa

You can use Fitbit Versa with your iPhone. This device is smaller and slimmer in size and price than an Apple Watch but offers great fitness monitoring features.

Fitbit Versa 2 OS lacks GPS and is not fully-fledged as the other Apple and Wear OS devices are, but it offers the fashion and fitness elements quite well. It can let you play music.

Fitbit Versa 3 offers you GPS features for top-notch sleep tracking with a single sleep score and accurate detection, tracking, and outdoor workouts monitoring. The excellent fast charging makes it super popular; just 10 mins charging let it work the whole day. The excellent battery storage gives six days of battery life. 

Final Thoughts

Smartphones and iPhones have become an integral part of our lives, but a growing number of people view the other gadgets as worthy add-ons to their tech-savvy lifestyles. If you believed the Apple Watch was the only option for using an iPhone and a smartwatch together, the wearables SroresGo listed above prove that's not the case. Apple's smartwatches are always the perfect option, but many other alternatives may be more appropriate for your needs and budget.