What smartwatches does samsung pay work on

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Posted on March 08, 2022

With so many different payment methods available to shoppers, it can be tough to figure out whether your favorite is integratable with your devices. Take Samsung Pay. Does it work on anything other than Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets? What about smartwatches?

Considering 20 million of the latter were sold in 2019 alone, it’s essential to work out the restrictions before investing in the latest release. With that in mind, here are smartwatches that use Samsung Pay, as well as the ones that don’t and how to set up your account.

H2: What Smartwatches Does Samsung Pay Work on?

At the moment, Samsung Pay is exclusive to Samsung products. That means if you have an Apple or Android device, it might not be suitable. Also, it’s worth considering the age of your watch. Not only is SP restricted to Samsung owners, but it’s only useful if you have the right software. For now, this is limited to Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. 

They include: 

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch3

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch3 4G

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titanium

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

This list isn’t exhaustive, so you should double-check which operating system you need to activate Samsung Pay on your smartwatch.

H2: What Doesn’t it Work on?

That means some of the best-selling brands aren’t Samsung Pay compatible. For example, Fitbit uses its own payment method. The same goes for Apple and Android (Apple Pay/Google Pay.


It’s easy to get confused regarding Samsung Pay as it is an Android device. Therefore, you might assume it will work on any Android smartwatch. This might be the case in the future, but for now, it’s exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy brand.

H2: Are There Any Loopholes?

Anyone who already has a smartwatch that’s Samsung Pay compatible might want to use it throughout their devices. You can’t if you switch between operating systems, such as Android and iOS, yet you can if all your gadgets run Android and you have a Samsung Galaxy watch. All you need to do is pair the two and download the Samsung Pay app from Google Play. Once you’ve done this, SP should work on your watch and your phone, or whichever device you have synced.

H2: How to Use Samsung Pay on Your Smartwatch

Thankfully, SP is just as effective as other wireless payment options, so you can continue to shop and pay wirelessly with a touch of a screen. Of course, it can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to paying via smartwatch.

H3: Download the App and Register

Go to the Google Play app store on your watch and download the Samsung Pay app. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one and log-in. Tapping the link when you’re done should add it to the watch’s interface.

H3: Add a Card

First, you have to create a PIN code so that your account details aren’t hackable. After you finish this step, you can add your card by taking a photo of the details or entering it manually.

H3: Pay

To pay, you need to open the interface using the button in the right-hand corner. Then, you can choose which card you want to use. Finally, you tap the watch against the card machine and you’re done. 

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