What is Growth Hacking

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Posted on March 08, 2022

Growth hacking is a new marketing idea. This can increase the growth of the organization several times in one jump. Some world-renowned startups bet on growth hacking ideas. Yet those who need a massive increase in a short time on a low budget are fuel into hacking growth.

However, growth hacking tactics are also followed in a corporate to keep the competitive company ahead of the competition. Its main mantra is the highest promotion at the lowest cost. In simple words, if you come up with an idea without spending less money or almost no money, you can bring in millions of buyers. The ultimate result of these speculative ideas may be enjoyed by only a few.

A growth hacker can have many qualifications, the first and foremost is to come up with such an idea or having the creativity to come up with ideas. It is a specialized team of marketers, developers, engineers and product developers.

Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, Instagram and Google have all stepped up their success with growth hacking strategies.

The job of a digital growth hacker is to promote the market for a product in one way or another. - SEO, Google Analytics, Content Writing, Funny Videos can be done in a variety of ways using a master label or an idea of ​​a completely new type. Even through any means.

If you want to do growth hacking-

1. Understand Growth Hacking. Analyze the cases of growth hacking.

 2. Understand your own product and its customers. Set goals. Have a strategy to handle more customers.

3. Start working on one by discarding one hundred ideas.


The biggest example of growth hacking is Facebook. Its first goal was simply to create a platform where people would get to know each other, stay connected in the community. And now what can one not do on Facebook?! Growth hacking sometimes requires changing product features. And the product always has to be developed to take advantage of it at home. No matter what kind of product or brand it is. There is no substitute for feature development over time.

Characteristics of Growth Hacking

1. The product works well enough (don't forget it)

2. One to another (customer ad)

3. Growth in Geometric Rate (Two-Four-Six)

4. Cost? (Keep your money in your pocket)


Continuous functions of development and application of Growth Hacking concept

Step 1: Present the right product.

Step 2: Focus on a large number of buyers in a specific group, not all buyers

3rd step: Sorting

Step 4: Take action

Step 5: Increase effectiveness by looking at results

Step 6: Calculate the profit

Step 7: Take the next step

Continuous development of the product as required.