What are the Best Items to Sell Online

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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What are the Best Items to Sell Online

Whether you already own an online store or planning to launch one soon, it is important to keep an eye on raging trends to serve your potential customers. While the pandemic's upheaval has caused an economic downfall to many industries, it has made eCommerce the priority for many buyers. People now prefer to stay at home and depend on eCommerce merchants to help them shop for necessary items.

This is what makes choosing the right selling products to help people make their quarantine living, better, hassle-free, and safe. So, before you choose online selling platforms like StoresGo, and Amazon or set up your website, you need to decide on the products you would like to sell.

Here we have rounded up some trending products for 2020 to help you make some money.

Best Selling Items to Sell Online

Pet Bed

Looking for the perfect product to sell online? The pet bed can be one of the best options. You might not have expected it, but the product has been making it to the top of the different sales charts.

According to a recent survey, "dog bed" has shown strong growth in Google Trend's search volume. The keyword "dog bed" has got 235,000 monthly searches. "Cat bed" also has a sizable amount of demand, with 61,500 monthly searches.

Put simply, if you have pet supplies, you can promote or sell them on StoresGo to get the best customer base. You can also promote your selling items on different visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest allows marketers to join pet boards to promote your services and products to a big audience.

On Instagram, partnering with different pet-related fan pages is a great idea to attract followers on a post. You can post it on Instagram Story.

When you partner with a fan page, a larger audience can see your product, especially if you are starting out.


Shapewear has shaped up to be the best evergreen niche to pursue. We say this because the shapewear market is expanding and will soon skyrocket the industry with $5.5 billion in sales. The product that started its journey as an undergarment has now evolved into everyday wear.

One reason shapewear makes a great product to sell online is that it's growing in demand. Many fashion retailers consider stocking their stores with different types of bodysuits to help them make a slimming silhouette.

Although shapewear is popular in the lingerie industry, the shapewear niche has enriched it with a variety of styles that women can wear under clothing either as a stylish top or with multiple cuts.

What makes this product worth considering for retailers is its versatility: whether you want to sell lingerie, or want to make it a part of an existing apparel store, you will find shapewear in a wide variety of, styles, colors, and sizes that meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

Beard Straightener

Men's grooming is rapidly turning into a lucrative market available.  Statista in 2018 valued this industry at $60.6 billion, and it is has reached $81.2 billion. That means the grooming industry offers loads of opportunities. One item that has caught the attention of many people is beard straightener.

The product is high in demand, according to Google Trends. Plus, there are 36,000 monthly searches for this grooming product. It shows that the beard Straightener is a hot trending product to sell. It can be a top-selling product in your store if you mix it with Google ads to target customers who have a high purchase intent. Focus on producing SEO-focused content to help customers find your items online.


Backpacks make another trendy item to sell online. With rising demand, they have become a front runner as one of the ideal products to add to your eCommerce business. They have surged in sales recently as their demand has spiked over.

Targeting your customers depends on who they are, such as backpacks for college students, children, or adults. If you are selling backpacks for students or children, you need to target parents when marketing. You can use platforms like Face book, Instagram, and Pinterest to run your ads.

Marketing campaigns like "back to school" can help you make the most of your selling items, and you can see a surge in sales.


With isolation precautions and conditions in place, people are quarantining at their homes, either stocking food or wanting to try some new things. Regardless of the reason, the demand for snacks and foods has increased.

And this gives you a chance to offer some variety with whatever food items you sell, or try to turn your secret recipe (you learned from grandma) into a business. Put simply, if you have an online store, adding snacks may an opportunity to earn a little extra cash.

For instance, if you sell coffee, offer customers some biscuits or sandwiches as an up-sell. Or if your store has a build-a-box, adding a snack option to it will surely benefit your overall sales.  The trick is simple; a snack add-on for a relevant product can make buyers' orders better.

Laptop Stands

Like many people who are working remotely, they need electronic supplies to work comfortably at home. If you have a business to sell craft supplies, office supplies, or different types of housewares, laptop stands can have the potential for your stores.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, lack of knowledge and experience are the two most common reasons why many online businesses don't take off.  Adding effort and good tools are essential to help your business attract customers and make new leads.  In short, selling things online requires you to do some research beforehand to standout in the eCommerce industry.

Thus, the given products are some of the best items to sell online and expand your offerings with other products. They are trendy and have increased demand to make maximum sales and optimal profits. Also, remember StoresGo.com is the best place to sell a product online for free.  

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