Top Sites That Makes It Easy To Have All Your Products Listing In One Place

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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Top Sites That Makes It Easy To Have All Your Products Listing In One Place

Online stores might be the best invention of all time. Things are changing so quickly and online platforms are becoming the preferred way to buy and sell products.

For this reason, hundreds of online stores pop up where you can either sell or buy products or do both. Since there are so many options, choosing the best site becomes very challenging. In this article, I will tell you about the top sites that will make it easy for your list products to help you choose. 


StoresGo is the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about listing products. For this reason, they might have the most user-friendly interface. When you first open their site, you will see the “sell on StoresGo" icon on the top right.  When you click on it, the website will take you to the "seller" page of the site. The site will guide you on how to increase your leads, customer satisfaction, and how the Eishop technology works on the page. 

Later, when you scroll down on the website, you will see a button that says, “Start Selling.” When you click on it, a page will open that will ask to show you a form to make an account on the website. If you already have an account on the site, you can easily log in to your account and start listing your products.


Amazon is currently the largest online seller worldwide, with the largest network of people around the world. The site has around 20.6 million users that use the site for selling and buying stuff.

Since Amazon has a massive network, the probability of people seeing your product is much higher. Massive stores like Amazon give you the guarantee that the service is going to be exceptional. 

Similarly to other stores, Amazon asks you to make an account so that you can list your items professionally. However, Amazon does ask you to pay a little for a monthly subscription and charge around a dollar on each item sold.



eBay is the oldest seller site. It is the first-ever online selling site known to man. The website is almost 26 years old. Since it is the pioneer of online selling sites, people have more trust in it, and you cannot deny the power of eBay.

Most people claim that eBay is the only platform where you buy and sell anything, literally.

Even though eBay sounds like the best thing ever, one problem is once you submit your final value fee, you will not get it back at any cost. Another setback about eBay is that you will need to pay a certain amount for the shipping fee.

eBay is currently the most significant competitor for Amazon. However, people do not trust it like Amazon because of the shady sellers and more inferior customer service. Yet, the website has around 207 million users.


Etsy is another good selling website, but the website is not for everybody. They specialize in buying and selling handmade goods, collectible items, art pieces, or sell antiques.

Even though the store targets a particular niche, it still does a lot of business. Back in 2017, the buyers at the store spent around 3 billion US dollars from around the world. They have a straightforward way for subscription and payment. They charge 0.20 dollars from every seller for listing a single item. However, they have a policy that your item can only stay on sale for over four months.

Etsy is a reputed site. People knot for its excellent service and convenience. Still, their minimal charges are a steal.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the largest social platform all around the world, when Facebook saw its immense success, it introduced its market space in 2016. The Facebook marketplace is an unexpected place where you will find some unique things.

The Facebook marketplace is a free online marketplace, unlike the other online marketplaces. One of the major disadvantages of it being free is that you attract non-serious buyers.

Facebook marketplace is very similar to Shopify. They have several merchants willing to sell their items.


Craigslist is another old online selling platform. It has been around since 1995. Initially, the site provided updates to local people of the San Francisco Bay Area. Overtime, things changed, and people started using the site to buy and sell stuff. Now, the site has thousands of individuals buying and selling along with a few professional businesses. 

But, beware because the site is famous for fraud. Many fake sellers and buyers might fool you because the site does not have any checks and balances. You are entirely on your own on Craig’s list. But, this also allows you to make a higher undue profit for listing your products.


Bonanza is a newer marketplace online similar to StoresGo,  It is currently earning a lot of respect for being a decent site. The website has around 50,000 sellers and 235 million buyers. Most new entrepreneurs find the website extremely helpful. 

Like StoresGo, it is a newer website, its ratings are lower than the other websites. For new sellers, they do not charge any money from them for listing their products. However, they do charge when the product finally sells.

 If you are still wondering where to sell your items online, I must tell you that StoresGo might be the best online marketplace. They have a very easy-to-use interface. And, the website guides you in attracting more people and making your products  look more attractive. 

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