Top 5 Best products to sell online in 2021!

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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Top 5 Best products to sell online in 2021!

Sell the trending products in 2021 on your online store to earn huge profits.

So far, 2020 has been a record sales year for online stores, largely due to the pandemic. As retail sales continue to decline, e-commerce sales are expected to grow even at a higher pace in 2021.

But the big question that arises in every newbie online seller's mind is what to sell. Exactly, it's a valid question if solved diligently and smartly contributes a significant portion to your eCommerce store's success.

Before you decide on any trending product to sell online, consider that product must have the following major attributes.

The product must be unique but exciting: If you are going to list your product in a niche market, differentiating your product from other sellers becomes essential. If the buyers don’t find anything exciting or appealing in your product and you fail to drive the buying surge in them, then all other business strategies are not going to work.

Therefore, making the customers fell in love with your product, at first sight, delivering a sense of uniqueness and excitement becomes imperative. It is also helpful in converting the one-time buyer into the returning buyer.

The price must be reasonable: Online shoppers are usually price-sensitive. They spend up to $50 easily on eCommerce stores to buy stuff. Making the price more attractive and affordable, combining with free shipping, money-saving deals, buy two get one free or others, you can attract more sales with a better competitive advantage.

The product must be easy to handle and durable: Selling the products with the restrictions of the expiry period, huge storage capacity requirement, perishable nature, fragile, high shipping cost may lead an eCommerce store to economic suffering. Therefore, you should always choose the easy to handle product, easy to store and ship, low cost, and simple to fulfill.

Best Products to Sell Online

Keeping all the features into consideration, SroresGo brings a shortlist of exciting products to sell in 2021 that are going to be high in demand.

  1. Wireless Charging Station

Wireless charging stations are gaining fast popularity not only in the US but all around the world because of their novelty and comfort. The wireless phone chargers are high in demand since the launch of new flagship phones from leading brands like Apple and Samsung. Other mobile phone brands and devices are also coming up with wireless chargers.

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It is anticipated that the wireless charging market will reach around the US $96 billion by 2026 as this product caters to a huge demographic of smartphone users around the world. The statistics make it a hot selling product for 2021. Selling this product online is not a tough feat, as all smartphone users can be treated as a potential audience.

  1. Athleisure

The athleisure trend is going to stay, either blame the COVID or the practicability of this wear that it is consistently getting more popular since the past couple of years. Athleisure is activewear but worn as regular everyday wear, being more functional and not to work out. This wear comprises all kinds of comfortable clothing and clothing accessories such as hoodies, sweatshirts, sports bras, headbands, leggings, shoes, and other similar wear.

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Millennials and Gen Z are a big fan of athleisure and define it as a comfortable clothing category that looks trendy and fashionable.

The potential online buyers for athleisure are mostly women, millennials (Gen Y), and Gen Z. Athleisure can be categorized under clothing and fashion category, fitness category as well as can be sold via a dedicated store for Athleisure.

  1. Smart LED Plug

Under the home devices products category, the smart led plugs have been in good demand in the market for several years. Nowadays, these led plugs are in strong demand. Smart plugs are one of the most efficient led light sources that people don’t hesitate to buy from an online marketplace. The smart plugs let you turn on and turn off any appliance plugged into a standard wall socket. An app controls these plugs with an iOS or Android device. The light can also be changed to blue, red, yellow to adjust with your phone screen.

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Either sell it in the tech category or home products, a huge client base is there to demand the product.

  1. Portable Blender

People are struggling hard to maintain their fitness and gym workout routine during the pandemic. That’s the reason portable blenders are a big hit among fitness enthusiasts and homemakers alike.

With the rising craze for fitness and growing awareness around more natural, healthy eating and diet, the demand for organic and homemade food is also on the upsurge. Fitness lovers who do not get enough time to spend in the kitchen and are constantly on the move are often faced with making protein shakes, juices, and smoothies.

A portable blender is proving to be an effective solution to the problem. It primarily requires just a simple clack of the button to bring into use and is extremely lightweight, so it can also be carried anywhere.

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The product is functional and can be categorized under home & kitchen accessories and fitness. The target market should be a young audience and fitness enthusiasts.

  1. Sports Water Bottle

Increasing fitness passion is leading to an increased demand for the fitness and exercise accessories industry, thereby sport water bottles being one of the important accessories that have witnessed substantial growth in the bottle market.

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Sport bottles are very functional no matter where these items are used, especially during sports activities, during some special occasions, or on a daily basis.


SroresGo marketplace offers you a complete seller store to sell these items for absolutely free. Simply sign-up and add your products. Although navigating among billions of products to find the most profitable is one of the hardest and hectic tasks, selecting the right product is only the first step towards refreshing your eCommerce business performance and sales. Don’t think twice if you want to grab the big market. Consider our suggestion, conduct your own research online, and keep experimenting with new profitable products to thrive in the online market.

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