Top 20 Best Marketplace Apps to Sell Your Stuff In 2020

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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Top 20 Best Marketplace Apps to Sell Your Stuff In 2020

Online marketplace websites are great. However, the apps are like the cherry on top. The apps are more comfortable to operate, more accessible and provide you with a broader audience. For this reason, we see a significant rise in the marketplace apps.

People prefer using marketplace apps to sites because; you can access them from your phone with an excellent interface. Still, as a user finding the correct marketplace app is a challenging task. For this reason, I am preparing a list of the best 20 marketplace apps where you can sell your products with ease.


StoresGo is a fantastic marketplace with an even more phenomenal interface. The app is so easy-to-operate that even little kids can use it with ease. Thus, the app provides a complete guide to the new seller on how they can attract larger audiences and design their product description. It is a beginner-friendly app.


Etsy is a niche market space. It is an ideal app for the ones who want to sell exclusive items online. The app is more famous for selling priced items like paintings, handmade art pieces, custom art pieces, vintage items, or exclusive gifts.

The app is widely known for its fantastic service and excellent user base. Back in 2017, the website sold around 3 million dollars worth of items.


Amazon is the largest online seller network. They have millions of sellers and millions of buyers. It is one of the most trusted online sellers of all time right now. However, they are a paid service. If you want to sell professionally, they will charge you a monthly amount and a small fee for each sale. Nevertheless, if you are an individual buyer, the site will not charge any money.


If you want to sell used stuff online, I must tell you eBay is an option for you. You can practically find anything used on this site, it is the oldest online selling store. Currently, it has around 207 million active users.


A car-selling app lets you advertise your car. Blinker uses the current time’s best technology. The technology allows the app to detect the kind of the car through a simple photograph of the car.


An exclusive boot-selling app has users from all around the world. It has a massive user base of ten million users.

Varage Sell

The store is on the theme of a traditional garage sale. Therefore, they allow you to sell all kinds of items. However, the store currently only provides its services to Canada and the USA.


Is a store that allows you to sell all kinds of items that you may not be using anymore. The great thing about the app is that it works for free.

Instagram (Shoppable Posts)

Currently, Instagram has around 3 billion active users. For this reason, Instagram now offers shoppable posts. Since Instagram has a large user base, it is the perfect place to post ads. Nevertheless, they provide you with all kinds of statistics that help you keep track of advertisements.


Declutter is a fantastic online place to sell used items. The best thing about the platform is that it allows you instant shipping of the item and provides you with an instant valuation of your goods. It is best for people who have no time to wait.


Chairish is a tremendous furniture-selling app. People claim that chairish provides decent service. However, the app does ask for a 20% commission per sale. Chairish believes in selling high-quality furniture items at cheaper rates.


Depop is a fantastic platform for artists that are willing to sell their craft. You can sell decorative items like handmade crafts, vintage collectibles, and much more on the app. Currently, you can find them in a few European countries.


Carousell is an Asian sell goods online store. It is now coming to the USA. It is an all-rounder store selling items like Cars, fashion articles, jobs, electronics, and much more.


It is an online closet selling app. If you have any expensive clothing items that you do not want to give away free, Tradesy is the ideal marketplace for you. On the platform, you can sell used items locally. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is currently the largest social media in the world. It has billions of users from all around the world. Therefore, if you want to buy and sell used items, then the Facebook marketplace is the perfect marketplace for you. 

In the Facebook marketplace, you get non-serious buyers, however, many people successfully sell things online here.


It is another all-rounder platform where you sell your stuff online for free. They say that they are a "virtual
flea market.” Wallapop now has around 30 million active users that sell and buy from the site.


There is not much furniture selling online apps. Trove is one of the online stores that deal with selling used furniture items. The best thing about the app is that listing your items is entirely free here.

Thred UP

Thred UP is the perfect option for the people who are looking forward to decluttering their closet. The platform allows you to sell your second-hand clothing articles. On the site, you can put your closet on sale and buy expensive articles at a fraction of their original price.

Posh mark

Posh mark is another closet declutter app. However, they allow you to sell new clothing articles. The site's main feature is that they allow you to put your entire closet on sale. 


Online jewelry selling is very risky, but vinted specializes in that department. On the app, you sell used clothing items and jewelry.

All online stores are great. However, StoresGo interface and seller’s user guide helps to improve your chances to make sales online. A company that  invests in the success of  its sellers, is always the best option when growing your online business.

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