Top 10 Best Sites You Can Start Selling For Free

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Posted on March 08, 2022

Now we are out of the Flintstones, and we are entering the world of Jetsons. It is so crazy how the retailing world has come so far. In current times, we do not need to invest money in brick and mortar stores. Instead, we can list our products on a free online marketplace and start making money in no time with lower investment costs.

Nevertheless, the online marketplace allows attracting a larger pool of audience. In this article, I will tell you about ten best sites, where you can list your products for free.


Eishop is an excellent free online marketplace, where you can buy and sell all kinds of goods. The platform is a practical resource for new sellers. One good thing about the site is that it guides you on how to  increase your sales. It also attracts a broader audience, and has user friendly technology to add your products  and makes your products look more attractive.

The website has a beginner-friendly interface that you may find helpful. It is a fantastic website all over.


Wix is one platform that provides you creative freedom. Therefore, you can sell almost anything there. The site has a fantastic layout, which beginners can use very quickly. However, the site is most famous for having effective customer care that will guide through the entire process of setting up a store on how to deal with customers.

You can operate the site on your mobile phone as well. You can edit your entire store with your phone. They also allow you to post videos of your products. The videos help your customers get a better look at your product.

There are a few shortcomings as well. The website does not provide customers with a cart recovery option. On the other hand, the inventory system is also weak.

Big Cartel

If you are only starting your business and do not want to engage yourself in anything fancy, then a big cartel is the right website. However, you need some digital knowledge to operate the website. It is not beginner-friendly at all. It is not a fancy website. Therefore, it does not provide you with many options.

The website provides decent prompts while designing the store. It provides some of the best artistic backgrounds.

Square Online Store

The square online store is very easy-to-use. It has an easy interface that even a baby can operate without hesitation. The website has an outstanding support and help center that will guide you through all processes. The help center will provide you a solution for all problems that you might encounter. The payment procedure is truly the highlight of the website. 

Still, the website does not give you enough options to make the store look more personal. The payment process is seamless, but the website does not have enough payment options. Lastly, the website does not let you display many products.


Shopify is an eCommerce builder website. They help you in making your online store. Currently, the best eCommerce builder all around the world. It helps you build a decent inventory. Best of all, through Shopify, you can advertise your products on social media platforms.

The website does however charge money for its processes. Nevertheless, it would be best if you keep checking your store. Shopify frequently changes themes and format. Therefore, you will need to adjust your store according to the updates.

Square Space

Square space is another fantastic website that lets you design your website. The website gives you full freedom of how you want to design your store’s website. It has decent customer service. But, the current users claim that the website lets you design an active store that drives many customers.


Magneto is an installable store that lets you have your store in the store. The store you make on the app is free.  The app lets you make significant transactions, unlike other online marketplace apps.

Presta Shop

Presta is famous for its beginner-friendly interface. The website is ideal for non-tech-savvy people. It has open-source software that pitches your items for you. But, the website is so basic that it does not have any decent features. The features will come off as weak when you compare them with other platforms.

Constant Contact

Constant contact is the best website for people who do not want a professional store, but what to sell on the side. For this reason, they have a fantastic website layout that a non-seller can use. It comes with a decent amount of features, and the customer service is courteous. Still, they do not provide you with many options to put your advertisement.

Yet, it is not a multilingual site. You can only post in English here. The website charges a 3% commission on all sales that you make.


Woocommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin. Since the world-famous WordPress accompanies the website. Therefore, it helps you generate terrific leads. The website allows you to list unlimited products or restricts the number of buyers in your store. It is a relatively newer platform, so it has much potential.

But, if you want to design an Add-on in your store, the website will charge a little. The support system is weak, and currently, it is not an intuitive platform for buyers right now.

Free online marketplaces are revolutionary, in my view. They give you a lot of freedom, and they are very cost-effective. Still, when it comes to online marketplaces, a marketplace that provides you guidance about posting products is the best option for most. For this reason, StoresGo is the best option when selling items is your goal.