Shoes For Baby Boy

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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Shoes For Baby Boy

The shoes you got at your baby shower are not enough for your baby boy, you’ll be buying more of them. Shoes are one of the cutest accessories that you’ll be buying for your toddler, and that’s what we are talking about today. This can serve as a guide to you for buying shoes for the baby boy that just arrived in your family.


There are a variety of shoes available for baby boys such as sneakers, booties, slippers, flats, and many others. They are stylish and fun, but the primary function of baby shoes is to protect the kids from injuries.


When will your baby boy need shoes?


To be honest, babies don’t need shoes when they are newborn because they will not walk and shoes can cause irritation on their sensitive skin. However, you can buy booties for him as they will keep him warm when you’re not around for taking care of him. According to experts, babies start walking between the age of 9 - 12 months, so that’s when you should buy shoes for your cutie.


You can shop for shoes for baby boys on StoresGo. We have a comfortable shoe collection, which will be perfect for your toddler. Our products are not overpriced, and we provide free shipping to our customers as well.


What kind is the perfect kind?


Now that you know when you should shop for shoes for your toddler, we’d like to give you a few tips on what kind of shoes will be perfect for a baby boy for different occasions.


  • If your baby boy has started exploring the playgrounds, then he’ll be needing a pair or two of Velcro sneakers or sandals with non-skid soles.
  • If it’s summer, then look for shoes with a breathable material because your little one’s feet need some air.
  • If it’s cold outside, then don’t forget to go for a thick pair of wintry boots.
  • On special occasions, like birthday parties and weddings, things have to go a little fancier. Buy boots matching his suspenders and he will be all set to rock the party.
  • For some casual picnic days, strappy sandals can be the perfect pick.
  • Avoid buying flip-flops because kids can easily trip on them.


What shoe accessories do you need?


The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about shoes is socks. Yes, your baby needs them too. They protect from blisters, and they keep the feet dry. The material of the socks you’re buying is important. If they’re cotton, then they will have the extra absorbing capacity.


As we mentioned, new babies don’t need shoes, but you can buy baby sock shoes for them, which look like booties.

Right shoes are of utmost importance


All of us wait for the first steps of our baby and the shoes he is wearing play an important role in that first step. Parents worry about their boy at this stage, but the babies need a little independence for becoming strong.

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