It's Worth Knowing What Can Smartwatches Do

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Posted on March 08, 2022

How smartwatches can make your life and functions even smarter will get you onboard to shop one for you.

Are you planning to buy a new smartwatch for a more flawless tech-groomed look but still unconvinced and confused about what value it will add to your daily functioning? steps in to help you figure out the edge of smartwatch using that could spare you some extra time out of your petty activities to excel for other things worthy.

Think of the laptop and how easily you could perform the complex work you can't do on a tablet or a smartphone. And now, think about scrolling your Facebook and YouTube over your smartphone rather than on a laptop – how convenient a smartphone experience could be, fits just right into your pocket, stays connected with the Web all the time, and no hectic mobility.

Now think about a smartwatch this way and how it can make your frequent daily activities smooth and prompt. Smartwatches require pairing to a smartphone for smartphone apps and notifications functionality. Most smartwatches are compatible with an iOS device or Android Wear, or both. Some have their own operating systems and only work with specific devices of the same brand.

Addressing major concerns in mind, we are giving you an insight into the smartwatch advantages that can make your life even easier.

Helps Locating Your Smartphone and Other Devices

Most smartwatches have "find phone features" that help you locate your smartphone (think of the situations when we misplace our phone or keys many times a day). Just trigger the feature, and your phone bell rings. You can easily connect your keys, phone, or any other device and can easily ring it through your watch or locate where your car is parked whenever you need it.

GPS Helps as a Travelling Compass

The smartwatches featuring smart compasses sound perfect for frequent travelers. These devices help to find the way and direction through GPS navigational voices without staring at a map continuously on your smartphone.

Works as a Perfect Fitness Tracker

If you want to monitor your set fitness goals, then StoresGo smartwatches have health and fitness tracking application as their core feature. The built-in accelerometer, pedometer, heart rate monitor, and other fitness tracking technologies help you measure the calories burnt, steps taken, speed, and heart rate. Some smartwatches offer built-in health kits and customized workout plans.

All Your Entertainment Right on Your Wrist

Playing music with your smartwatch needs a compatible music player connected via Bluetooth headphones. You can even play music while swimming or under showers with your waterproof smartwatches and headphones. The latest watches like the Sony smartwatch and Apple Watch Series 3 and above let you access your playlist and store soundtracks through a Bluetooth connection. You can even play YouTube or scroll your social media in just a couple of clicks without carrying your smartphone.

Prompt Reply to Text Message and Phone Calls

Having a smartwatch on your wrist lets you free from the hassle to bring your phone out of your pocket or handbag. No more delays in text messages reply and answering phone calls, especially when you are running or exercising.

Receive Social Media Notifications

Who does not want to stay updated in real-time? Of course, everyone would like to be notified for his/her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social platforms just right on our wrist; StoresGo smartwatches are proven heaven. You can receive email alerts too. Android Wear also syncs the daily schedule from your smartphone at the beginning of each day and notify you of upcoming events and meetings.

Voice Commands and Gesture Controls

With voice commands and gesture control features, the strapped watch serves you as your smart command center to flick channels on your smart TV and other smart gadgets. Initiating smartphone apps, making a call, relaying your spoken message into text form, dictating emails, tagging verbal appointments to the calendar, and much more can be easily performed with voice commands and gesture controls.

Stay Connected Longer than Your Phone

Smartwatch can keep you connected throughout the day and even longer because some smartwatches have much longer battery life that can't be compared with a smartphone. Whether you're heading to a long trip, back to back business meetings, or extended workouts, you'll keep connected without running out of battery.

Enjoy the Aesthetic Look

Traditional timepieces seem so outdated now, but these smartwatches include various watch faces that you can select any sophisticated and stylish watch face to traditional analog or sporty dials. The changeable straps let you flaunt a versatile look every time with a single, smart investment. 

Final Thoughts

If you have not used a smartwatch yet and you are a fan of longer connectivity, free mobility, fitness monitoring, GPS tracking, then there is nothing better option than buying your favorite one from the latest collection of smartwatches on StoresGo People find these digital devices more flexible to get information and perform other functions from their wrist rather than engaging both hands with their smartphones.