If you put a dot across, YouTube will run without ad

Tech News

Posted on December 07, 2020

Nowadays, browsers are emphasizing the feature of visiting websites without ads. This means that if someone enters a site from a browser, third party ads will not be displayed like AdSense. Ads can be blocked from browser settings. It's even easier to turn off YouTube video ads! An expert on Radiator published the news on several tech sites just to post about watching videos without ads on YouTube. The expert claims that this benefit can be obtained by going to the incognito mode of the browser and watching YouTube. However, for this, you have to add an extra dot (.) After the dot com of the YouTube video link and before the slash (/). / xyz And if anyone else wants to watch YouTube videos without any tricks in the usual way or in the conventional way without ads, you have to subscribe to YouTube Premiere at no cost.