How to create BigCommerce store successfully

Posted on May 07, 2020 by Mohammad Wasim
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How to create BigCommerce store successfully

To improve your big commerce store or you start a new online business you need to follow some tips so that you can succeed in our business. These tips will help you to increase your business.

1.Advertise Your Product 

Selling your products is probably your main goal, but before doing so you need to bring people to your BigCommerce store. Wondering how can you bring in high-quality traffic? The answer is really easy: catch them right when they are searching for your exact products online! In order to do this successfully, look to Google Ads for the most extensive strategies.

But, how do you create these ads if you have no previous experience with Google Ads and no time to learn? Clever e-commerce will create quality Google Ads campaigns for you, for free! You want your brand and products to be seen by as many people as possible, and Clever eCommerce is the best way to get advertisements seen by google users searching for the exact products you offer. This will not only multiply your traffic but also bring relevant traffic to your store that will lead to an increase in conversions. 

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2. Make it mobile-friendly 

Make sure you use a responsive e-commerce theme! Online shopping via mobile phones is becoming increasingly popular every day! Therefore, it would be a huge mistake to not make your website mobile-friendly. Making sure your webpage is compatible with mobile devices will help make your company even more attractive to potential buyers and will help to increase sales. Be sure to test all of your features on your own mobile device before launching your site to ensure that everything lines up and loads correctly. Making your website mobile friendly is a great way to gain an edge on competitors!

3. Visuals are everything

You get to make one first impression, and the first impression you make on customers is how your store looks. A disorganized or hard to navigate webpage will only turn customers away, thus it is of the utmost importance to make your store visually attractive! Be cognizant of your color schemes and designs so that you can create consistency and organization within your website. Create display categories that are simple, yet descriptive so that your customers have no trouble finding exactly what they’re looking for. Encourage your customers to make a purchasing decision by making your online store attractive and easy to navigate!

4.Simplify checkout and shipping

Overly complicated checkout and shipping are a sure way to turn off customers. If clients find your checkout to be too complicated, hard to navigate, or insecure, you can bet that they will abandon their purchase. Therefore, your main priority should be to make your checkout process as painless as possible. Some helpful tips to keep in mind are to keep checkout and shipping on the same page. You should also avoid making customers input their information twice. Make sure your customer feels safe while inputting their credit card information and remind them about the precautions you take to ensure their privacy. Simplifying checkout and shipping is a sure way to satisfy your customers and increase your conversions. 

5. Customer service is key 

Customer Service is essential for any successful business. Although you are unable to develop a face-to-face relationship with your customer, it is still extremely important to make yourself available to your customers. Create an online chat system that allows customers to contact your support channels directly. It is also important to include a detailed and friendly “About Us” page so your customers feel like they can get to know you. Another idea is to ask your customers to subscribe to your newsletter so you are able to maintain this relationship even after a purchase has been made. Relationships are everything, make sure your customers feel connected to you and your store.

Follow these tips and tricks to improve your online BigCommerce store and get on the path towards eCommerce success.


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