How Online Businesses Can Thrive During Coronavirus

Posted on March 09, 2022 by Samir Uddin
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How Online Businesses Can Thrive During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has rapidly hit different countries around the globe; it’s a pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization. The COVID-19 isn’t only affecting people health-wise, but it is also affecting many businesses around the world, including some online businesses. Many companies have already closed their doors because of the worldwide shut down, and government statistics are saying that 1 in 4 businesses will not reopen. This is a very scary time indeed for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


The government is putting restrictions on travel. Some counties have a curfew and with no movement orders in place. This doesn’t leave too many options for individuals to do the activities they once loved. However, staying at home during a complete lockdown may not be a bad thing for online businesses, as they might have a chance to thrive during this epidemic. This situation is very tricky; it involves using a lot of creativity and tact. If you read further down, you will have some idea as to how your online business can thrive during the Coronavirus.

  1. Use SEO Strategies

Since everyone is locked down in their own homes, the use of electronics has undoubtedly increased. People have no idea what to do during this time, so anything they see online will attract them instantly. This is an excellent opportunity for your business to make the most of SEO strategies. The use of SEO strategies helps to bring your website on the top of the Google search lists and helps to generate more traffic towards your website. This way, your online business will be in the spotlight, and more people will get to know you and might want to use your services  or products.

  1. Keep in Touch with Your Customers on Social Media

During a confusing and critical time like this, it is always good to show your love and support to your devoted customers. Social media is an excellent platform to make the most during this time. You can start a Coronavirus campaign where you inform your customers about donation reliefs to the people being drastically affected by the virus, both physically and financially. It’s not only the right thing to do but it also shows your customers that you care about them on a personal level. If you feel motivated to help in the relief efforts for the coronavirus, community involvement is the key to understanding and developing relationships with your customers. .

  1. Focus on Selling Core Business Products

If your online business is known for selling different products, you should take this time to focus on selling products that people would need during this time, for example, increase your supply of different masks, sanitizers, tissue boxes, and board games.

These are some of the essential things that people would order during a time like this. So instead of stocking up on unnecessary items, stock up on your highest selling products. The more you focus on

in-demand products and services that link directly to Coronavirus, the easier it is for your business to thrive during this pandemic.

  1. Focus on Long Term Plan

Most of us are in the hope that the Coronavirus will end and everything will get back to normal just like it has in China. In hopes that the practices you’re using right now should not only benefit your online business in the current situation but also after once this pandemic is over.

You can do this by making sure not to quit on the SEO strategies you’re using currently to help your business thrive. Your plan should be straight and effective; so that once the Coronavirus ends, your online business still thrives. Make sure to be one step ahead and focus on how business practices will change in the long term and not just now; however, your main focus is for your online business to thrive during the Coronavirus.

  1. Be Quick on Using Alternatives

We’re blessed to live in a high-tech era where we have a solution to almost every problem, especially in communication. As almost everything has been shut down and traveling is not accessible, this has led to the cancellation of many events and major projects and deals. If you were close to meeting with a big-time manufacturer or client, don’t cancel out, instead, request to have a meeting with them online on platforms like Zoom and facetime.

You can keep your business activities going if you just think of the right alternative. Stay in touch with your employees and manufacturers like this. During such circumstances, you must not give up and instead come up with reasonable solutions.

  1. Take Control of Your Sales

If the Coronavirus situation continues to persist for a longer time, this will have a significant impact on different selling points and the economy. While this is too early to predict, this is an excellent opportunity for you to take control of the prices on the things that are in high demand.

Put your focus on selling like a sellers’ market and don’t focus too much on marketing. This way, you will sell a few products at a higher price instead of losing your customers to whom you can’t deliver the products. However, this practice is only applicable if the situation worsens.

  1. Make the Life of Your Customers Easy

In a stressful time like this, it is vital to cooperate with your customers. You can start by informing your customers about the sanitary protocols that take place when it comes to packaging their products. You can include a small video showing how you handle their packages and encourage  them to do the same once they receive their parcels.

Reduce your delivery charges or make it free, as, in this time, many people struggle financially, and it is best to help and support them in any way possible. This way, customers will realize how hard your business is working to fight the virus, which will pave the way to a good reputation and an increase in sales.


Not knowing what is going to happen next is quite alarming, especially when you have to run an

online business. The best way to fight this and help your business thrive is by following the tips


mentioned above. Subscribe to our newsletter for more ways to handle this pandemic, it will surely keep you busy during this dull and confusing time.

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