How Do Smartwatches Work: Everything You Need to Know?

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Posted on March 09, 2022

How the countless things a smartwatch can do for you might surprise you. Your top questions answered.

The revolutionary tech world is getting smarter and smarter every passing day, introducing one another state of the art tech piece in the digital dictionary and tech gadgets world. There were times when we heard about sophisticated smartphones, smart TVs, smart home appliances, etc. But smartwatch is the hottest trend growing in smart-tech gadgets world from the last couple of years.

With the popularity of smartphones that can manage almost every aspect of our lives virtually, the smartwatches trend in technology is highly popular to get more "connectivity" into a smaller and smaller package.

But What is a SMARTWATCH?

A smartwatch is a sleek, compact, and wearable device or saying more precisely, the minicomputers that always do more – a lot more than your old analog time tracking wristwatch to keep you interconnected with multi-devices everywhere.

Smartwatch still does tell you time, but the functions have dramatically grown from simple calculations and playing games to pair your smartphone's functions and beyond everywhere.

How Do Smartwatches Work?

What Operating System is being Used?

The smartwatch functioning is typically backed by an operating system that can either be the Android operating system, Wear OS, or Apple's iOS.

How the Smartwatch gets Connected with the Internet?

One of the important features of smart wearable tech is that their internet connectivity is via Wi-Fi or by syncing with a smartphone. Most devices pair with your smartphones through Bluetooth and let you navigate apps and other features without the botheration of holding your phone in your hand – so put your phone safe in the pocket. Though most of these modern smartwatches depend on your phone to get to the internet, progress is being made with cellular watches. These gadgets house their own connectivity and permit you to go online without your phone.

What Would be the Battery Life of a Smartwatch?

The battery life of smartwatches depends on their make and usage. These watches have a limited battery life, just like smartphones. The smartwatches come with a charger, and regular charging needs vary from model to model.

Apple's digital wear can last up to 18 hours of regular use. Most of the latest makes have good average battery life and can serve you through the day without charge. Hybrid smartwatches look more like analog watches that offer the longest battery life, but they don't have touch-sensitive screens.

How the Smartwatch Display Works?

The question may poke in some heads: will the smartwatch be visible when we're outdoor under the bright sun? The answer is a big YES!

A smartwatch with an AMOLED or OLED screen display will have deeper black, and you'll get the more contrasting colors with better autonomy – means great outdoor visibility. Similarly, the LCD screen display gives a brighter and better outdoor performance with less autonomy.

The smartwatches have a touchscreen display and allow various navigation functions by rotating the ring or pressing the physical buttons.

What Features a Smartwatch do Offer?

Consider it as your right hand to manage all daily tasks for you. Today's smartwatch is super smart to offer you tons of helpful features. Ask for the following tasks if a smartwatch could work for you.

  1. Do I receive notifications?

A Smartwatch can receive and display the notifications of text messages, calls, emails, alarms, or other notification from different apps to alert you of important events or activities. It can essentially perform everything that a sophisticated smartphone can do.

  1. Can I send a Text Message?

You can even send a text message through your smartwatch. You need to speak out in a microphone, and the watch will display the relayed message into text form; and lastly, tap SEND.

  1. Do I Get Mic and Speaker?

The smartwatches have a built-in microphone and speaker, which lets you answer phone calls without using your smartphone.

  1. IS A SIM Card Must for Smartwatch?

Most smartwatches do not have the SIM cards slot and therefore need to be connected with the phone for functioning, but the hybrid smartwatches are equipped with eSIM/SIM slot so you can make calls directly with your smartwatch even if it’s not connected to your smartphone.

  1. Do Smartwatches Have a Camera?

A few smartwatches have low quality (2-megapixel photo) camera like Samsung Gear 2, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer now. But it seems Samsung has withdrawn the camera feature altogether on their latest smartwatches; like Samsung Galaxy Watch doesn't have a camera feature at all.

  1. Can the Watch Face be Changed?

You can pick a new watch face from the watch faces tab and change the background color, add or remove the apps and widgets to appear on the watch face.

Beyond those basic functions, smartwatches provide a variety of other features with a wide spectrum of abilities.

  1. Other Features – Fitness Tracker and Built-in GPS

Some smartwatches have exercise and health features that include measuring heart rates, the number of steps, sleep patterns, and much more. Most modern smartwatches have built-in GPS and navigation instruments, wind, weather, metrological tools, and fitness trackers to measure your daily activities. This characteristic helps to measure heart rates, the number of steps, sleep patterns, and much more. These very useful tools for sports and fitness are essential for those who want a smartwatch that keeps a perfect training progress track.

What Are Most Popular Smartwatch Types in the Market?

You can find the three most popular manufacturer-specific smartwatches in the market that could serve your general-purpose or a specific purpose.

  1. Wear OS Watches

Various vendors are selling the smartwatches built by Android Wear now WEAR OS by Google. These watches are designed to serve the user-specific objective like the fitness tracker smartwatches to help an athlete or a fitness conscious person keep track of his fitness schedule.

The hiking watches and diving watches are other examples of purpose-built smartwatches. The hiking watches feature GPS tracking, navigation, weather forecasting, and other basic vitals to support remote travel trips with great battery life. These watches endure the weather variations, dust and water exposure, and accidental fall.

Similarly, the diving watches are also durable and withstand exposure to deep water and keep track of temperatures, water depth, time calculations, and other diving indicators.

TAG Heuer specialty smartwatches are powered with Wear OS by Google with sporty features and scratch-resistant materials for extraordinary elegance and connectivity.

  1. Apple Watch Series

There are different watch generations by Apple powered by iOS, but Apple Watch Series 6 let you wear your health track system on your wrist with other latest features and 18 hours average battery time a day.

  1. Tizen Smartwatches

The digital watches developed and sold by Samsung with a custom operating system, Tizen, are also very popular due to its modern and multi-faceted OS features.


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