How Car Dash HD Screen Camera can help in safe driving?

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
How Car Dash HD Screen Camera can help in safe driving?

The amazing features of card dash cams have rendered them a must-have for your vehicle.

Car cameras or dash screens make the device-specific to recording footage from a vehicle and allow it to detect any incidents intelligently. The car cams are small and cost-effective video cameras that more and more motorists across the USA and other countries are installing in their motor vehicles owing to the great utility and impeccable capability to record and store video, and also to protect themselves in the case of any unprecedented circumstance. They offer safe, conscientious drivers the surety and peace of mind, for if they're involved in a road incident, they will always have a detailed, undeniable record of precisely what happened. This information can prove helpful where insurance claims are concerned as they provide irrefutable evidence to show whose fault it really was.

While this is the most crucial reason to install a car dash camera, they also offer many other benefits.

Record the moments and preserve treasured memories along the way

The car dash screen also enables you to capture amazing scenic roads, exciting rack-day races, and other holiday road trips. The HD car cameras would offer you the comfort to record your enjoyable moments and keep the treasured memories safe to watch again and again.

Mind Serenity in car parks

G-shock technology of car cams enables detecting sudden or severe movement of the vehicle, spotting incidents when the car is vacant or parked. This function offers peace of mind that you can bring the guilty party to justice if your car is damaged in a car park.

Protect your insurance claims bonus and insurance premiums

By having clear video evidence and other details of speed, date, time, and location data, insurers can fully understand the facts leading up to an incident. The car cam evidence enables you to protect your insurance claims, ensuring your insurance premiums don't increase.

Records dangerous driving and road rage

In many cases of dangerous, rash driving, the drivers are prosecuted on car camera evidence. Drivers over speeding, under-taking, tailgating, using mobile phones, offensive hand gestures, and many other issues are easily recorded and help to report such incidents. As in-car cameras become more common, the threat of being caught also becomes more likely, helping to make our roads safer.

Record your driver activity

The in-car details captured along with on-the-road action recording offer the vehicle owner the ability to monitor the vehicle and driver activity effectively.

Features of Car Cameras

Many features put car cameras apart, like one available at SroresGo, from other types of cameras available in the market, such as bullet cameras and action cameras. Here we give an insight into the key features and functionality that can be found in-car cameras.

HD (High Definition)

The better quality of the image that your car camera captures, the more detail it records, and this can prove invaluable video evidence in your hours of need. While all the car cameras will record footage to make it possible for you to see the road ahead and the cars on it, the HD video lets you capture number plates and other minor yet important details that can make all the difference when placing the video evidence.

Loop Recording

All car dash cameras have a function known as loop recording functionality, which means the camera will keep recording until its memory storage is full and then record new videos over the oldest files. In case of an incident that the car camera determines using the internal G-sensors, it will automatically lock the particular created video file to save it from loop overwriting. This feature ensures the safe transfer of all those important video files.


With GPS incorporation (also known as a Global Positioning System) into a car camera, the cam becomes capable of measuring travel speed and precise location. In combination with the captured video, this information gives a clear and complete picture of the events leading to any incident.


G-sensors, or G-shock sensors, determine the movement of your vehicle across the 3-axis. This information helps to plot the picture of events or incidents and trigger the car camera to respond appropriately. Most cameras detect significant movements and automatically lock the footage. The highly useful function safeguards the rider in any genuine incident, ranging from collision and crash to heavy braking and swerving.

Power Supply

The cigarette lighter in your car usually serves as the power supply source for Dashcams. As the vehicle ignition turns on, power is supplied to the cigarette lighter, and the car camera gets activated. To keep your car-cam working when the car is parked, some cameras come with an internal battery, or the other solution is to hardwire the camera to the vehicle’s electrical supply.

Photo Mode

As well as presenting high-quality video recording, some car cams also enable you to take photos. This feature can be highly useful during an amazing, landscaped journey and in the case of an accident, allowing you to capture additional details such as damage to the vehicles, photos of the scene, and the other drivers involved. These captured images can be stored and extracted from the memory card.

Memory Cards

Most dash cams will support either a micro-SD card or an SD card. These tiny cards are most commonly available with a different storage capacity of 8, 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes. But the loop recording feature will keep overwriting the older and unsecured videos for as long as possible until the memory is full.

Camera LCD Screen

The dash camera screen enables you to view your captured images and recorded video files. The navigate menu systems assist you in setting up the device as per your preference.

Dual Wide-Angle Lenses

To ensure maximum activity and information is captured on video, car cameras use multi or dual wide-angle lenses. These dual-lens cams feature a rear-facing cam to record in-car activities and a forward-facing lens to monitor the road ahead. Though many cameras rotate around a 120-degree horizontal viewing angle, wider angle cameras are also available.

Speed/Date Stamp

Most cameras save the video files with the date and time they were recorded. This information usually displays in the corner of the video. This very basic feature becomes a crucial piece of information to validate your video evidence if it is called upon.

Night Vision

The car cameras incorporate night mode to increase video capture effectiveness in low-light conditions, while some cameras feature LEDs that activate to light up the surroundings with infra-red light.


Most car cameras mount to the vehicle’s windscreen with either an adhesive pad or a suction cup. Both ways, the dashcam firmly holds the place when in transit. The suction cup can easily be removed, while most adhesive mounts allow you to detach the camera unit only, leaving the mount in place. Both mount types let you adjust the camera to ensure it is positioned appropriately.

Qenci G30 1080P Car Dash HD Screen Camera

You can drive anywhere with your friends and family with Qenci G30 1080P Car Dash HD Screen Camera without worrying about anything. This amazing car dash cam comes with HD technology that records high-quality HD video and captures sharp images in the day and the night-time. Leaving no stone unturned, it incorporates a 120-degree wide-angle feature to give a complete 3-lane view. The Internal circuit full shield design lets you enjoy your journey without interference to your car DVR.

When you know your ride is fully secured, the fun and ride experience gets double. Buy one for your vehicle today at SroresGo to secure your journey and preserve your memories all the way long.

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