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Posted on March 08, 2022

Road trips with your friend just got better and cozier

Your loving doggie, Zoro, may like to go for a winter ride in the car, but a trip to the chilly dog park without some pet protection and weather protection could be dangerous for both – your pet and you. From a quick appointment to the vet for an annual check-up to a cross-country trip, sometimes transporting pets in the car is really necessary. Whether your pampered pooch or persnickety kitten loves a four-wheeled ride or not, making your car pet-friendly is as essential as it has obvious advantages.

There are many more ways to keep your pup safe and happy in the car while placing a pet in a dedicated pet carrier is one of the most secure ways. But, to make the traveling experience more fun and less like detention for your pet, a whole sub-class of secure seating products has come up that works on a number of levels. Most people use straps that get attached to your car's seatbelt unit, the seat base, or the seat and center console. The chest harness keeps the pet from roaming. In case of any accidental situation, it acts like a child restraint and distributes his weight on impact while keeping him confined.

Everything we said above is all fair, tried, and tested, and you practice properly to ensure all the safety measures of our beloved companion. But there is another important thing, often overlooked, that is your pet’s comfort and health – against extreme and cold temperatures during travel. A simple dog car seat may be enough to make your pet safe for a car ride, but his solace and your convenience also are factors to consider. A lot of pet car seat designs on the market work in tandem with pet harnesses.

It does not matter what the breed; there's no amount of their natural fur that can keep all dogs safe from winter's tough conditions. Most veteran doctors say that "the most important factor to keep your dog healthy is ensuring your dog’s body temperature is well maintained because cool weathers may affect them negatively.”

The car seats for pooch are normally made of synthetic materials, rexine leather, faux leather, and cotton fabrics that work pretty well for the normal weather when it’s not much cold outside. But the new furry dog car seats in the market have become the ultimate choice of your pet as it keeps your pet not only safe but warm too.

Your pet will get the travel experience without feeling the chill

We usually take good care of our beloved puppy or any pets grooming during the wet weather of winter, putting a little jazzy sweater or a sassy jacket on and giving him a clean and cozy mat to sleep. Ultimately, it’s not just enough to take care of his topcoat only, but his traveling undercoat is equally important and matters a lot to keep him comfortable with cold temperatures. Like humans, dogs are warm-blooded, and they look for some hot places to adjust their body heat. While the typical dog car seats are made focusing on car cleaning and seat protection, the synthetic materials used do not appropriately combat colds, making your pooch not so happy.  

The furry dog car seats are specially made to counter this discomfort of your cute baby. The soft materials and fluffy fur provide extra warmth to the pet's body and make them enjoy their cold rides.

Your pet will be pleasantly loving the super-soft material

The caring dog owners usually place quilts, sheets, and other padding materials to give their doggie feel of solace while tied in the car seat, but instead of the comfort of your pet, these layering items become more irritating for them, resulting in annoying behavior during travels.

The furry car seats give the super comfy feel during the travels, either it's a short- or full-day travel. The soft fur and padding offered comfort, and added cushioning gives the luxurious relaxation time during travel to your Zoro.

So now, if you don't listen to your dog's baby talk for long hours, don't panic – he might be calmly busy exploring the way peeking out of the car window; otherwise, he must be having a good travel sleep for sure!

Relief and health promotion – all together

Think of travel while your body is tied in a seat belt – how tiring it feels with hurting joints when we reach our destination. Now think empathically for your innocent pet too.

Sitting on soft, cozy seats promote better blood circulation and boost the doggie’s immune system. They don’t feel troubled even after long travels. Furthermore, the furry seat provides maximum support for your pooch body and protects them against muscle aches, pressure points, and joint pains. One of the biggest advantages of using comfy furry seats is keeping your pet relaxed and fresh. Reaching your outing destination with an active and happy pooch is more than a blessing – happy puppy, happy you.

More than all, Maximum comfort with zero compromises on pet protection

Reviewing all the benefits of using a furry car dog seat like protection against cold weather, soft and comfortable seat material, health promotion, and pain reliever, the most crucial feature, “YOUR PET SAFETY," cannot be overlooked, of course.

The main purpose of a dog car seat is undoubtedly pet protection in any case. These furry seats perform the core function perfectly by giving your dog safety in case of an accident or misadventure. These seats are professionally designed to secure the animal with comfortable and secure belts that easily get attached to the vehicle's front seat and back seat and won't move in place.

Your dog can easily enjoy the trip watching all around, because when the pet can’t see out of the window, he tempts to jump around that may cause dangerous distraction during driving. Even if your baby is really a pooch or a strong young guy, you can bring him in your car for a long trip with zero tension in mind.

Pet owners love this pet travel accessory because it is completely secure against force and comfortable if you are going on long car drives in winters.

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