Best Practices to Order Products During Global Pandemic

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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Best Practices to Order Products During Global Pandemic

As we're all struggling with the worldwide pandemic going on right now, it is important to stay calm and follow all proper protocols to control this situation. Everyone should do their part, whether it’s staying at home, washing your hands for 20 seconds, or taking excessive precautionary methods like disinfecting your homes and offices. Just like this, it is also important to take a few precautions when you’re ordering products during this pandemic.


Ordering products  is one  of the  best methods right  now since  almost every  shop  is  closed  with lockdown  across  the  country.  You  must  be  extra  careful  during  this  crucial  time  with  ordering products.  Mentioned below are  a  few practices that you should follow when ordering products during a global pandemic.



1.   Check with your Online Providers

Before you start to add things in your cart, you should check with the online shopping source if they are delivering at this time. It is because there are a lot of changes that have come up due to certain travel  restrictions  and  curfews  imposed in different parts of the world. Hygiene is one of the most important factors right now, as all of us are prone to catching the coronavirus. You must check with your providers as to how they are dealing with the hygiene situation. Make sure that they are taking necessary precautions, especially when it comes to packaging and handling the desired product you want to order.


2.   Check the Delivery Person

As soon as your order arrives,  you should first check if the delivery guy has gloves on; in this way, he/she is not making direct contact with your package. This may seem a bit extreme, but during this challenging and scary time, it is very important to be extra cautious. Overall, these sanitary practices will protect you and your family at the end of the day.

3.   Disinfect Your Package

As soon as you take your parcel, make sure to fully disinfect it with an antimicrobial solution.  Clean the product thoroughly and only then use it. You should also make sure to put on gloves while you’re receiving and cleaning the product. You have to take such precautions as you cannot be 100 percent sure if your parcel has come through a clean and hygienic process. This may sound like you have to put in a lot of effort, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

4.   Beware of Scams

Many people start panic buying during a pandemic; this leads to many product shortages, and it also paves  the  way  for  scammers.  You’re  probably wondering how this links to scammers? As with the current situation, there has been a high demand for sanitizers. It has led to a shortage in the supply of  hand  sanitizers.  Many  shops  have  been  selling  fake  sanitizers  as a tactic to make more money, mixing  it  up  with  different  chemicals,  taking  advantage  of  the  high  demand.  If  you’re  ordering a medical  oriented  product  or  something  that  is  perishable,  you should definitely stay alert. Review and research about the place you’re buying from in order to avoid getting a fake product.


5.   Don’t Order Unnecessarily

If  you  feel  like  you’re  running  short  of  something  important  or  if  you  think  it  will  help  you  get through a pandemic, only then order something. You should avoid ordering unnecessary things just because  you're  bored  because  as  much  as  this  pandemic  may  affect you, it is also affecting those people who deliver the products to you. So in order to make things better and get back to a normal lifestyle, avoid ordering unnecessarily. It is important to make these small sacrifices during a global pandemic.

6.   Avoid Compulsive Buying

During  a  pandemic,  it  is  most  likely  that  certain  products  start  going  into  a  shortage,  and  this  is mainly  due  to  hoarding  and  compulsive  buying.  It  is  normal  for  people  to  start  panicking  and stocking up on different items, but this just makes the situation worse. Other people have to suffer just  because  one  person  decides  to  order  tissues  that  will  last  them  for  a year. If you’re ordering something important, order an amount that will last for at least a few weeks. So instead of hoarding, keep a realistic approach.

7.   Buy from Online Platforms that are helping to fight the Pandemic

While  ordering  products  in  the  time  of  this  pandemic,  you  should  order  from  a  place  that  it  is working   towards   fighting  this  global  crisis.  Some  online  shopping  platforms  are  working  with non-profit   organizations   in  this  challenging  time,  and  they  are  helping  those  people  who  are currently  suffering  from  the  pandemic  financially.  Half  of  the  amount  you  pay  goes  directly  into donations  or  that  money  is  also  used  for  providing  people with food and basic groceries. Amazon and  many  other  online  shopping  platforms  have  taken  part  in  fighting  the  COVID19  by  providing donations. It is important to work together in fighting this pandemic. You can simply play your part by ordering from such platforms for a good cause.

An Overview of the Best Practices

    Get in touch with the online shopping source, and check with them if they are taking proper measures.

    Observe how the postal carrier handles your product and if he is well protected.

    Disinfect your package as soon as it arrives, and discard the packaging at once.

    Avoid buying products from online shopping scams

    Only order if you urgently need something to avoid any inconvenience that the carrier may face, especially during this pandemic. Remember, their lives matter as much as yours.

    Go  for  online  shopping  platforms  that  are  helping  to  fight  the  pandemic  by  providing donations.


Final Thoughts

None  of  us  have  experienced  such  times  before,  and  it  is  mentally,  socially,  and  economically challenging  to  fight  this  global  pandemic.  However,  we  can  only  get  through this time by helping each other. When you are ordering products during a global pandemic, it is crucial to adhere to such practices mentioned above. Do your part by following these practices, and hope to bring an end to


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