Best Places to Sell Laptops Online and Make Money

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Posted on March 08, 2022

In today’s fast-growing tech world, every new day is coming up with more advance and latest versions of consumer electronic items. Why you still pile up the used desktops, laptops, or any other electronic gadgets when you can sell them without ever visiting an electronic store or a counter shop.

You can sell your used devices like laptops and cell phones to earn decent money to help pay for upgraded versions of faster hardware engineering and more improved and modern models.

Here is a list of the best places where you can sell your laptop online and make some extra cash. 


On eBay, you can either sell your laptop online in an auction where you allow others to offer their prices. You can also set a reserve price, or you can create a list of items with their fixed, non-negotiable price you feel is fair. You are also free to sell the broken laptops on eBay. How much you get paid for your used device depends on the condition of your laptop. eBay won’t charge you a listing fee if your listing has less than 50 gadgets each month, but you will be charged only a 10% fee on your total sale value.


Selling your laptop on Amazon is not possible if you have modified your laptop in any way. Amazon requires that what you sell must be an exact match to the predefined listing for that item. You can also use Amazon’s trade-in program to trade your cell phone, kindle, tablets, and other electronic devices with the listed trade items, although you will likely get much less than your computer’s market worth. You can send in your computer and other devices free of charge to Amazon with a prepaid shipping label. If Amazon is not approving your used laptop in the trade program, you can sell that machine by setting up a seller account but beware of scammers on Amazon.

Mac Me an Offer

Are you thinking of selling your used Apple laptop (MacBook) iPad or other used products like cell phones to make money? Apple has got a solution for you to earn money by selling your used electronic gadgets.

Apple trade-in also offers to trade the old Apple devices with the new purchase when you don't want to pay the full price. Mac me an offer is a web division of, where you need to select your old Apple product, tell about your laptop model and condition and get an estimate. Apple takes you through a few steps to erase all your personal information and data from your laptop before you ship it. You need to ship the item if you accept the formal offer. Once your product has been received and verified, you'll be paid through PayPal or check within three working days.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget salvation helps you to sell your used laptops and other gadgets online and make money. You have to answer a few questions about your computer's model and condition to get the first online quote. Gadget salvation then provides you a postage-paid shipping label to parcel your used laptop to them. They physically evaluate and test when they receive your laptop. If the condition doesn’t match as per your given details, they will revise the offer, and if everything proves the same during the evaluation, you will be paid within two business days by PayPal, bank transfer, check, or Venmo, whichever payment method you prefer.

Facebook Marketplace

Another place where you can sell your used or broken laptops for cash is the Facebook marketplace. The menu on the right top corner will bring you to your local Facebook marketplace. What you all need to do is take clear and perfect pictures of your laptop, select the right category, describe your product, and set an offer. The interested buyers will contact you through Facebook message. But this marketplace is risky, so do not share your whereabouts and personal information.


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