Best Place Online to Sell Clothes

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Posted on March 08, 2022

Online stores might be the best invention of all time. In the past, when you would think of setting up a store, you would need a huge budget. You would need to buy or rent a physical location, spend money on advertising, and other costs.

However, today, you can set up an entire store at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar stores. Now you have a wide selection of online stores that are willing to list your clothing articles for you.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the best online stores to sell your clothes.


Storesgo is a great platform that allows you to list your items for free on their site. What makes the site great is that it provides you with a complete guide of how to sell your items on an online store. They also offer guides on how you can make your goods more appealing to the consumer.

Also, the store has a simple and attractive layout that is very user-friendly, since the store is already well known, the store ensures good traffic.


Are you selling vintage and unique clothes? Well then, I must tell you that you will get your ideal audience here. The store is most famous for it. Most vintage clothing fans approach Depop for buying and selling quirky clothing articles.

Depop is currently the most famous resell clothing store. Its layout is very similar to the most renowned social platform, “Instagram.” Similar to Instagram, you can make a profile on the store, post pictures of your clothes, add relevant information, and put it on sale.

In the store, you can sell used items, new items, and limited-edition pieces. You can even sell other items on this site as well, like shoes, jewelry, and accessories. The store also allows you to swap items with other sellers.


eBay is the original online selling store; you can sell anything in this online marketplace. It is the perfect store for you if you want to sell unique clothing articles, regular pieces, or you want to set up an entire clothing store. eBay has its arms open for anyone.

However, keep in mind that eBay is not a free site. The site charges around 35p for listing an article and takes a 10% commission from your sales. Even though eBay is one of the oldest online stores, it has good results. For this reason, eBay still experiences daily traffic from millions of users.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is now literally offering everything to their audiences. In the past, Facebook was only a social networking site. However, seeing its immense success, Facebook introduced its marketplace in 2016.

Currently, Facebook has the highest number of users on all social media platforms. It has around 2.23 billion users right now and growing. It means that the face has the most significant buyers’ pool for you. Additionally, you can sell anything on the marketplace. Similar to eBay, people sell anything literally here, making it the perfect place to sell clothing items.

Facebook marketplace is a free service, unfortunately, they do not offer you any assistance in the logistics department; that means you will need to arrange the packaging and shipping yourself.


By the name, you can understand that it is a service that allows you to sell preloved clothing items. Currently, it is the biggest online selling platform in the United Kingdom, with millions of customers. The store allows you to sell the articles in your local region.

Preloved knows that you do not want to spend more money on your old clothes. Therefore, they offer you a free service. You can also limit your service in your nearby area and save money on delivery and postage.

Preloved provides you with an option to make a profile. The profile allows your customers to know you better, which helps in building trust.


Vinted is another great clothing selling platform like Depop. The site is gaining a lot of popularity amongst people. However, the platform is gaining attention for selling high streetwear, and it is a paid platform for buyers. In the store, you can set a price for visiting your store.

Vinted and Depop are a direct competitor. However, Depop targets a younger generation, whereas vented targets older generations. Therefore, if you are planning to sell vintage collections, and choice clothing items, Vinted is the store for you. Since it is a paid store, people do charge high prices for their pieces, and you can do the same.


Etsy is another great online clothing store that is famous for selling vintage items, but it is also a paid site. They have a subscription fee of 20 cents a month, and around 20 cents plus 4% processing fee and a 5% transaction fee.


In my opinion, the best online marketplace is one that allows you to sell items for free. The site should also provide you with an extensive guideline on how to sell your items. For this reason, I recommend that you sell your items at Storesgo. They have a free service, along with an easy interface.