Best 10 Websites Where You Can Sell Stuff Online for Free

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Posted on March 08, 2022

Online marketplaces are among the 21st century’s greatest conveniences. Sure, many of us feel this way now, but in the past, they were notorious for ripping off customers and being unreliable. Now, online marketplaces have overcome many of their initial issues. They’ve become the preferred way to shop and sell for a large number of consumers and sellers.

The diverse world of online marketplaces now allows individual sellers to make sales for free. To learn about some of the best online marketplaces all over the internet that let you buy and sell for free, read on.


If you’re new to the concept of online selling, it’s likely that you don’t know how to go about it. Hence, you need a marketplace            that provides you with a detailed guide to make your product look appealing.

In this case, StoresGo will come in handy. The marketplace is entirely free, and they give a detailed lesson on how you can make your items look interesting. Additionally, they have a very easy process for listing your products on their marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the largest social media platform of all time. It caters to a massive audience of 2.3 billion users. After seeing their extensive growth, the platform decided to launch its new feature in 2016.

Zuckerberg called the feature “Facebook marketplace.” The feature became a massive hit as soon as it launched. After some time, the feature grew a striking resemblance to eBay.

Right now, you can buy and sell pretty much anything on the marketplace. You will find people selling a variety of items from old shirts to cars; you name it.


Currently, Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the entire world, and it shows better categorization than eBay, which is rather random. Customers know Amazon for its amazing service. If you’re a new seller, Amazon might be the best platform to start. To begin with, they are very safe, and you will get a massive audience watching your product list because Amazon has millions of interested buyers surfing its site every day. Why? Because Amazon has buyers from around the world.

Since you are an individual buyer, Amazon will offer you free service.


If you are planning to sell handicrafts, antiques, and custom-made items, I will suggest that you market your products on Etsy. It has an incredibly user-friendly and stylish layout, which attracts creatives from all over the world. The Brooklyn-based site has around 1.7 million active visitors. Most visitors on the site view sellers’ handicrafts and unique pieces. While it’s mostly free, Etsy does charge a small 0.2 dollar fee to list products.


Bonanza is an award-winning website. Currently, most people trust it because of its top-notch communication system. Its active communication creates a strong bond between buyers and sellers. Its active system helps the seller provide great service to buyers.

Even though the site is relatively new, it still has around 40,000 sellers, with 22 million active visitors. It has helped many new sellers set up a decent business.


Craigslist is among one of the oldest seller websites. It has been in business since 1995. It has been a huge eBay competitor since the beginning. Its biggest selling point is its no listing fee facility and a basic layout. The website is so easy to use that a first-time seller can list their items and make a sale without any hassle.

However, customers are wary of Craigslist because of incidents involving fraud and bad service. Nevertheless, if you play smart, you can start a decent online selling business with help from the site.


Its format is very similar to Amazon and eBay. The platform allows you to sell almost anything. The best thing about the site is that they only offer you serious buyers. Hence, they have a limited pool of buyers. The site is famous for providing users with a risk-free marketplace.

It is a decent alternative for many reputable websites because it provides you with a free listing service. The site lets you conduct an auction for your items, allowing you to make more money.


Rakuten is a Japanese online marketplace. Currently, it is the largest seller in Japan. The interesting thing about the site is that around 90% of Japanese users rely on the site for different purposes. Because of the many items listed, it has around 126 million users.

Rakuten has all the major Japanese brands dealing with it. On the other hand, you can find several international brands dealing on the marketplace as well, such as Office Depot, Dell, Dyson, Lenovo, Airwave, and many more.


If you are looking for an online marketplace that lets you sell tech items like computers, laptops, spare parts, smart appliances, gaming gear, graphic cards, and similar items, Newegg is the right one for you.

Currently, the website is working in full swing in places like Canada, North America, and 50 other countries. This explains why it has a huge audience of 36 million active customers that are always in search of good tech items.


It is a free platform that lets you set up your store with ease. They provide you with a wide range of amazing templates. The site provides you with an option to import items from your eBay store. Currently, the site has 65,000 stores, which work independently.

To ensure success in this online marketplace, you need to work on search engine optimization. It is the only way that your online store will  get a spot among top search results.

Final Feedback

Online marketplaces might be the best way to sell old items. However, the one that provides you with a decent guide to put your items on sales is the best. For this reason, I recommend that you opt for StoresGo as you go to the online marketplace.