A Complete Guide to Sell on StoresGo Marketplace

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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A Complete Guide to Sell on StoresGo Marketplace

Online shopping has remodeled the process of buying and selling. The traditional brick-and-mortar shops have metamorphosed into online places to sell. With so many eCommerce platforms emerging, the internet has opened new horizons for online marketplaces to be established. Now you do not have to drive all the way to the shopping centers because buying and selling is only a click away. 

The surge of various sites to buy and sell stuff online has made it feasible for companies to conduct their businesses by utilizing the best websites to sell with their various features, fast and efficient shipping methods, equipped with state-of-the-art logistics, and advanced and improved technological facilities.

What is StoresGo?

StoresGo is an online shopping platform that enables sellers to market first-hand and second-hand durables, whether hand-crafted or industrially manufactured, StoresGo is undoubtedly the best online selling site, especially for new entrants into the e-commerce market. The efficient and user-friendly interface of StoresGo will assist them in conducting their business activities promptly and without a hassle.

With its various helpful features, thanks to the propellent technological industry, proficient marketing strategies, dynamic operational facilities, and a conducive marketplace, StoresGo is the perfect place for business owners who have just ventured into the field of online selling. 

StoresGo believes in bridging the gap between sellers and buyers when it comes to online shopping, the reason why the buying and selling process is smooth going and swift. The sign-up process is fairly quick and requires only a few clicks to start listing and selling your merchandise.

As a successfully functioning e-commerce platform, StoresGo thrives on finding a spot in the hub of best websites to buy and sell items. We aim to ensure that every seller has an opportunity to sell their products prosperously and make it as profitable as we can for them. Along with that, we want our buyers to feel accommodated and provided with the finest sellers and products, whose excellence is nonpareil.

We believe that with the evolving dynamics of the global economy, there is a need for sustainable and reliable sources of conducting businesses and transactions. One of the primary ways of manifesting sustainability for StoresGo is to sell used stuff online.

What Features Does StoresGo Offer?

To achieve the pinnacle of success, StoresGo has managed to equip the site with distinctive features that are easy to comprehend and utilize.

Starting with the homepage that pops up when you first arrive at the site, you will notice the navigation tabs which have their distinct criteria for the categorization of products listed on the site.

  • Bestselling – The section of bestselling exhibits all the products from the site that are prominently in demand for the customers of StoresGo. This includes the products that have been reviewed positively and bought more frequently by the buyers than their counterparts from the same category.
  • Free Shipping – This category is reasonably self-explanatory, as it showcases all the products shipped to the customers free of cost. This feature gives an advantage to buyers saving some extra bucks of shipping cost.
  • New Arrivals – This tab displays the latest fashion collections and all other products that are updated on the site not long ago.  
  • Wholesale – The wholesale tab presents available articles for customers looking to buy items in bulk for wholesale purposes. 
  • Search Bar – It helps to search for products according to your needs and requirements. The site has employed the finest tools that emphasize exploring the site to find the items best suited to the keywords that you type in, within seconds.

Marketing Strategy at StoresGo.com

The most valued marketing feature makes it possible for StoresGo to display loyalty and sincerity with its customers and certify that every seller seizes the opportunities that StoresGo promises to offer.

  • Free Marketing on HomepageUnlike its competitors, StoresGo is committed to not charge its sellers for showcasing their merchandise on the homepage and provides free of cost marketing service to all.
  • Equal Opportunity for all Sellers – Furthermore, to ascertain that every seller on the site has access to this facility of marketing their products on the homepage freely, StoresGo does a run-through to allow every seller to quench this opportunity.

How is StoresGo Different From its Competitors?

  • Seller’s Logistics – StoresGo makes it convenient for sellers to run their business adequately on their own times by allowing them to set shipping fee and the delivery time as per their transportation cost and feasibility. There is no external pressure or constraint on sellers who conduct their business through StoresGo.
  • Free Products Marketing – StoresGo acknowledges that running a business can be a hefty task, especially for newcomers, therefore to ease their burden StoresGo has its potential sellers to market their product on their terms and deliver items to the buyers at zero cost, or discounted prices.

To further enhance its sellers' businesses, StoresGo provides free marketing tools and campaigns for sellers' products – a certain characteristic of StoresGo as its competitors may charge a subscription fee to its sellers for the marketing of goods.

Apart from this, sellers have the accessibility to compete for a paramount position to gain maximum customers on the site's product pages, entirely free of cost, unlike its competitors, eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba.

  • Customer Support StoresGo is highly considerate of its customers' concerns and queries; to correspond to these StoresGo has an active and efficient customer support system to answer the questions and cater to the needs of buyers in a timely and professional manner.

StoresGo is cognizant of the difficulties and barriers blocking the smooth functioning of potential business and is determined to labor its expertise to clear out the passage and boost business growth and productivity for its sellers, and pledges to make online shopping a hassle-free and worthwhile experience for its buyers.

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How to Start Selling on StoresGo?

This article's crux is to acquaint our potential sellers with the procedure of enlisting their products on StoresGo for an efficient and successful business start-up.

1. Create a StoresGo Account

Firstly, sellers and buyers both need to create an account to commence all their activities from there. To create a seller account, you click on https://storesgo.com/

2. Buyer Profile

To use the site as a customer, you can either browse the site to check out various categories of products being offered to see which items are available at what prices, or create a customer account in no time.

Creating a Customer Account

  1. On the right-hand side of the homepage of StoresGo is a tab “Hello, Sign In," under this tab is Account, which can be clicked to access a drop-down menu
  2. Click on “New customer? Start Here," and you will land on a webpage to create an account as a customer. Fill in your details, and within a minute, your profile will be ready for you to start shopping.

If you like a certain product and intend to buy it, there are two options available:

  1. Add to cart to continue browsing and checkout once you have added everything you need.
  2. In case of a prompt buying decision, you can click on “Buy now” right next to the product of your desire, and this will direct you to a webpage where you can check out after you have filled in necessary credentials for the transaction purposes.

Paying for the products you buy is fairly easy, as you only need a credit/debit card, or a PayPal or Google Pay account to finance your transactions.

3. Seller Profile

  1. As you navigate the site’s homepage, you will see the “Sell on StoresGo” tab on the screen's top right-hand side. Click on that, and the server will direct you to a new webpage.
  2. Scroll down on this webpage and click on “Start Selling." StoresGo will ask you to create an account. The sign-up process is fairly easy and quick. Enter the credentials required and be mindful of not to share your password and security details with anyone.

When Does Selling Start?

Once the required credentials and documents have been shared with StoresGo and StoresGo has verified your details and approved your seller profile, it will be complete, and you can start listing and selling your items.

4. Products Listing

Once your account has been created and verified, the next step is to start listing and selling your products on StoresGo.

Like selling on other platforms like Amazon and eBay, StoresGo wants sellers to employ best, and related SEO and Meta details to find the most suitable keywords for their products and list optimally to aid the buyers in scrutinizing their product search and promptly decide what to buy.

How to List Products on StoresGo?

Product listing is an effortlessly smooth procedure.

In terms of the number of listings allowed to each seller, there are no restrictions, except that all sellers must have at least one listing item to begin selling their merchandise on StoresGo; after that, you can add unlimited products to sell.

Product Research

To effectively flourish your e-commerce business, it is necessary for you, as a seller, to evaluate which products are high in-demand and whether there are many sellers online for the same product that you are offering, or not.

  1. Surf the web to conduct good research for the type of product you are offering, see its demand prospects, and the number of sellers offering the same product.
  2. Focus on selling items that have a high number of reviews on other platforms; this will ensure that a certain product has compelling consumer demand, and you can definitely profit off selling it.
  3. Choose products that have a lesser number of sellers online. Where there are many sellers for a homogenous product, there is going to be massive competition, and the market share will be divided, not being as lucrative for one seller.

Product Details

  1. Sellers are supposed to mention all the details of their products, from the size, make and model, to the color, Etc.
  2. For sellers' ease, StoresGo recommends using free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Answer the Public or the paid tools for the most effective SEO implementation to find the best keywords that customers will most likely use.
  3. Enlist all the keywords relevant to your product and have the highest number of searches, short in length, and direct.
  4. StoresGo requires the sellers to write effective product descriptions by using keywords in the description, product features, and the title. Avoid using too many keywords in one line.
  5. The product description should be direct and easy on the eyes for the customers to read.

Customers will not want to waste their time trying to understand your product description or title; therefore, make sure the details are comprehensive, yet engaging to help you attract more buyers than just window-shoppers.

Product Classification

The seller must classify each product according to the specific and accurate categories. This will enable the customers to find the desired items that you have enlisted easily.

How to Enhance Product Listing?

Effective business conduction initiates from appropriately managed and optimized product listing on any e-commerce platform.

  1. Classify your products accurately and inappropriate categories
  2. Utilize keyword research tools to employ suitable keywords
  3. Write descriptions and titles that are readable and highlight the specific details concisely.
  4. Use high-quality media – images and videos – to compel customer satisfaction.

Product listing is the front-end of your online business; if it is not accessible, comprehensive, and compelling to the customers browsing on StoresGo, your business will not flourish as you may desire.

Spend the most time on researching your product and listing it effectively.

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How to Add Products to the Site?

To add products to the site, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your StoresGo Seller account, click on the “Catalog and Inventory” tab,
  2. Click on "Add products."
  3. Next, click on "List a new product," this will redirect you to the product listing,
  4. Click on "Create a new product listing."
  5. Select the best possible category for your product and provide all the details, as aforementioned, once your products are enlisted on StoresGo.
  6. Click on "Save," and now your product has been added to the StoresGosite.

What is Next, After Listing the Products?

Once your product has been listed on StoresGo’ market, these products will start appearing on StoresGo .com as buyers will browse through these to purchase.

When a potential buyer places an order, sellers will receive a confirmation message from the StoresGo Seller Portal.

Furthermore, it will be the seller’s duty to adequately deliver the products to the buyers and ensure that the delivery and product match the quality and standards of StoresGo.

As soon as the buyer receives the product and is satisfied with its quality and condition, StoresGowill pay the seller the amount, with a 10% marketing fee deducted from the amount.

Should You Sell on StoresGo?

StoresGo has a plethora of interesting and beneficial attributes to help your business flourish and prosper. Whether you intend to sell used items online, or branded and first-hand merchandise, this is the best place to sell stuff online.

There are several reasons why you should start your business on StoresGo:

  1. Even if you have an established business operating adequately on other e-commerce platforms, you should expand your consumer outreach by selling your merchandise on many platforms and not just one.
  2. Technological advancement is surging faster than ever, e-commerce is booming, and there is no reason why you should not take your brick-and-mortar business online. Find your spot in this fast-growing marketplace before it gets too late.
  3. StoresGooffers free marketing campaigns, and running an online business with zero subscription fees for sellers sets us apart from our competitors.
  4. The user-friendly interface is easy and comprehensive for every type of consumer to use.
  5. Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have thousands, if not millions of sellers for the same product, StoresGohas relatively less number of sellers which gives you a competitive edge to escape the competition and attract more buyers than you would on other sites.

StoresGo guarantees to take care of all your worries regarding online selling as we know how arduous it can be for some businesses to manage an e-commerce platform. Therefore, we have amalgamated the best tools and technologies to provide you with the leading-edge features in the best way to sell online. It would not be an overstatement to consider StoresGo as the USA everything store, since we cater to the needs and interests of all sorts of customers. 

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