9 Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

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Posted on March 08, 2022

Marketing can make or break your sales. Note that spending money on marketing to plaster social networking platforms with the brand logo will not win over your target audience. If your company or business is set to launch a new service or product, now would be the right time to upgrade and pump up your marketing game. StoresGo, for instance, offers sellers or businesses a place to market their products online to expand their customer base. The platform ensures the satisfaction of sellers and buyers to offer them a unique experience of marketing items online.

Marketing is an overarching umbrella. It includes everything from campaigns, strategies, messaging, to activities that can help customers or users expand awareness of your business offerings. But it is important to do some research so that your brand can leverage each ad or video and other collateral.

Here we have outlined nine marketing ideas that will help you pull off your brand recognition and boost sales.

Effective Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales


1. Incorporate Giveaway/Reward/Contest Opportunities that Align with Your Business

Giveaways and contests are undeniably an excellent way to catch the attention of your customers. After all, we all love winning a prize or something free. It is one of the best ways to engage the existing audience on StoresGo, and convert them into new leads into potential customers. However, it takes much more than to introduce giveaways to convert engagement into quick sales.

Doing a giveaway is an excellent way to produce traffic to your site; but focusing on how to get people to participate will keep people on your site in the long run. For instance, offering an entry for new customers who like your Facebook page is a good idea. It is essential to create engagement that lasts beyond running the contest and it makes doing a giveaway all worth it. You need to make sure that the prize you offer aligns with the target persona of your brand.


2. Improve your Graphic Design that Inspires Creative Marketing

Many people assess products based on the brand's online presence. That means a well-designed site that makes the user experience easy and seamless.

But it is also possible that a user's experience begins before they visit your website. In the case of online and mobile marketing, it is imperative to prioritize or choose the graphic design of ads that can inspire people to click through your website.

It is better to be creative when it comes to marketing projects.  Don't be afraid to incorporate striking visuals to grab the attention of your users. Focus on creating graphic designs that help users identify "what your brand is all about”, try doing this in one glance. Creative graphics tells your brand's narrative and it captures the customer's attention.


3. Create Content that Engages People

If your strategy is to add keywords into content to market your services or products, it will not make the difference you are expecting.

Keep in mind that online customers prefer responding to content that is creative, engaging, and valuable. It is especially true when you create a company's blog.

An online blog is usually the first place users look to find out about specific products or services. The posts or blogs they find must have a reliable content and authentic voice to help readers reap the benefits of the products.


4. Focus on Your Current Customers

If you are looking for ideas that can improve your sales, your focus should not be only on attracting new buyers. You must consider those who are already using or have tried your services or products to buy again.

Put; it is vital to learn how you can maintain all the customers. According to Lead Bridge Partners' marketing professionals, the best marketing prospects are ones you have already converted into existing consumers rather than users who are total strangers.


5. Use a Customer Service Approach

This might sound bizarre to you, but building a wide-ranging customer service or resource center is an excellent way to attract customers and boost sales. Clients want brands or businesses to address their complaints and queries promptly. And when a brand has a diverse range of services and products, it must allow the customers to have access to customer service.

It not only adds to the brand's credibility, but also enables it to monitor complaints and address customer issues. Remember that every customer needs to feel welcomed and appreciated regardless of what services you provide. Using the customer service approach can help you win the trust of your clients and make new leads.


6. Try Video Contests

This is an innovative idea to market your products. Today's customers are active and like participating in online events. If you have a team of talented filmmakers who can create video content for you, it can have a tremendous advantage.


7. Be Creative with Your Surroundings

How about getting a little imaginative with the surroundings to boost sales? Using urban surroundings to create marketing magic is not only creative but is also cost-effective. It is undeniably a unique technique that allows your business to capitalize on sales opportunities.


8. Include Hyper-targeted Promotions and Sales

If offering traditional promotions does not work for your brand or business model, fear not. Customers will never say "NO" to discounts, sales, and promotions. And in this age of data-driven personalization marketing, you have many options to take marketing to the next level. You can use personalized coupons or prompt pre-calculated discounts to increase order value. You can also incorporate loyalty campaigns.


9. Sponsor a Local Cause

Sponsoring a positive effort in your local community is a fantastic way to let people know about your brand or services. Local sponsorship or donating to a charity or an organization is a perfect way to humanize your business, and boost sales. The more you appear in front of the public, the more they know what you do and how you do it.

Bottom Line

Creating buzz or boosting sales around your business offering is not always easy. But incorporating some creative strategies when working with online selling platforms like StoresGo can surely make a splash with your competitors and customers. The ideas stated above are effective and easy to implement regardless of the size of your business. A great way to get started is to start selling your products through online marketplace like StoresGo.com or Amazon.com. I highly recommend StoresGo primarily because it’s a free service to sell online. You can create a free store and add unlimited product listings for Free.