9 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs for Cash Online

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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9 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs for Cash Online

Sell DVDs for cash

One of the best ways to make money is by selling the jumbled items you don’t use anymore. Selling used DVDs is the easiest way to make quick money. Even after the entertainment streaming services and platforms, there is still a good market perk for used DVDs and Blu-Rays. Whether you have timeless classics in DVD format or a dvd collection of new releases or just have a few lying on the console you want to exchange for cash, there are many great places where you can sell your used items like DVDs for cold hard cash.  

So, find out the best suitable place near you and online and start selling to make a new home for your junk DVDs to get some extra bucks.


Buying and Selling your used DVDs and Blu-Ray movies for cash is easy on Decluttr. You have to scan the barcode of your DVDs to get a quote. If you are satisfied with the offered price, you may add your item to the order. Once you finalize the shipping items, Decluttr will send you a shipping label via email. Your DVDs will be evaluated as they receive, and you will be paid via PayPal, check, or bank transfer. You can also sell your used cell phones, video games, LEGOs, and other items on Decluttr.

Sell DVDs Online

You can use the free shipping service of Sell DVDsOnline.com to make cash out of your used DVDs collection. If you have lots of DVDs, CDs, and games to sell, it's tedious to enter each one by hand because it doesn’t offer a barcode scanner app. All the items you list to sell must not be brand new or in their original untouched packaging. But the items need to be in good working condition with no scratches, chips, or missing pieces.


Selling items on Bonavendi is slightly different from other platforms. It will provide you a price comparison from 20 different buyers. You can sell your DVDs to the buyers, offering you the best price. To compare the prices, enter the barcode individually or scan with a mobile app. You won't sell your DVD if the bar code or ISBN is missing on your product.


You can sell your stuff online on Amazon in two ways. You list your DVDs on Amazon and wait for the payment until a buyer purchases it. Amazon will charge its portion on the sale price. The second way is to trade-in with Amazon, which cannot be much value-effective option as you'll get a significantly lower value for your DVDs, Blu-Rays, and other items than if you would have sold them yourself.

Eagle Saver

It is a great place to sell your DVDs, so feel free to sell them here. You must enter the 12 digits code to get the price quote. If you are satisfied with the price, ship your items by pasting the free shipping label. Eagle Saver will pay you via check or PayPal.


Another place to sell your DVDs for cash is the Craigslist. There is no listing fee and commission charges to sell your stuff here. All you need to do is meeting your buyer at the decided spot, but risks are always involved in such dealings.


To avoid the shipping cost, hassle, and waiting longer to get payment, you can go for selling stuff on your Facebook page. You are not required to pay the listing fee and wait to get paid. But beware of the frauds and scammers while selling or buying anything on your Facebook marketplace.

Selling through Yard Sale

If you have enough time, patience, and real estate and you don't want to burn your fuel to meet a Facebook or a Craigslist buyer, then you can sell your used DVDs through a yard sale. You can advertise your sale on a local yard sale application. Spending the whole day with potential buyers and doing price negotiations will not guarantee your DVDs will sell on your desired prices and even they sell.


There are many options to sell or buy used DVDs online, but the StoresGo has several perks that distinguish it from the competitors. By selling or purchasing used and new DVDs online at one place like StoresGo saves a lot of time, shipping expenses, and hassle. StoresGo gives you the best market competitive prices and can get several promotions for buying the DVDs. It does not charge any hidden or extra fees.

StoresGo provides its customers and sellers with the best SEO and marketing tools to generate maximum profitable business. It doesn't charge any registration fee, so you can start selling your items without any hassle today.


So along with the store credit, this DVD buying and selling can grow a lot in the online portion. Online is the world when you can easily sell your things to anyone. StoresGo is the trustworthy source of this process and make your difficulties easy. 

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