7 Products to Sell Online

Posted on March 08, 2022 by Storesgo
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7 Products to Sell Online

Starting an online business may always sound easy but is pretty tricky, and if one thing goes wrong, your business model may flop. Those who understand market dynamics and know-how businesses may not find it that difficult to enter the world of e-commerce, but what about you, who is pretty much done with their 9-to-5 and wants to start their own thing, without any restrictions or worries?

Well, do not worry if you know nothing about e-commerce, marketing, business, and all those terms that were thrown at you when you looked up “online retail."

Of course, you need resilience, a strong learner’s mindset, and leadership qualities, but what are you going to do with all this when you do not even know what is hot in the online biz these days?

And it is not like you cannot do an online business unless you get a business degree. Those were the old times. Nowadays, almost everyone has their side thing, from a jewelry shop to a digital products' store. There is nothing that is not being sold online these days, so what are you waiting for?

Start reading our guide on most in-demand product ideas, and what do you need to launch an e-commerce store successfully!

Initial Basic Workout

Before you start looking for any kind of products to sell online, enlist a few industries that interest you, do some research on your possible competitors, suppliers, competition in that market, various price points, etc. Make a business plan for each of the products you have in mind and calculate each's risks and benefits.

You should stick with products with a low competition or find a niche in a flourishing industry that is profitable and less competitive and offers a sweet spot for you to acquire the high-profit margins!

Right Product Selection

So, now that you have a fair idea of where to begin, start choosing a product!

  1. Skincare Products

Now, this may seem like a million-dollar investment kind of a business idea, but here is the catch. There are so many wholesalers online who are looking for people like you who would buy their products and market them as their brands. Even if you do not want to go for this method, you can always start your organic skincare brand, which is the town's talk these days. People are shifting to a more natural lifestyle, and a homemade skincare product seems like an absolute must for these people.

  1. Homecare Products

From vacuum cleaners, electric dust fans, portable fans, kitchen utensils, and tools, everything is in-demand and perhaps will always be. There is no dying out for a cooking pot's demand, is it? Especially those instant pots that every mom loves these days.

Browse through other e-commerce sites and check out the homecare products section. You will find products highly in demand and easily available for drop shipping and wholesaling on other sites.

  1. Pet Products

The Pet industry is at an all-time high and is always booming because pets are almost in every other household, and some people even consider their pets dearer than their offspring (believe us, they do!)

So, why not take advantage of this highly in-demand industry? According to AVMA, 63.8% of households in the USA own pets, either cats, dogs, or both. With this high percentage, there is no dropping of the demand for pet food, litter boxes, grooming products, flea repellents, toys, etc. So, just like any kitchen items industry, pet accessories are forever in-demand.

Although you might have to look for a specific niche that has low competition because, as it said, it is a very booming industry, there is saturation, and you might not excel if you start selling items that are already being sold by thousands of others.

A good idea would be to research this; you can use google trends and find out what pet owners are most searching for: the products or some pet-related problems you have a product for!

  1. Clothes

“Clothes” is perhaps the most clicked category on every e-commerce website, all over the world. A report by Statista depicts that the online clothing industry is expected to reach USD 872 billion by 2023.

People are always in need of something to wear for the changing seasons all over the year, whether it is vintage or some new trend, and why would you even bother to go to the mall when every latest collection is just a click away?

Again, a very crowded industry, to flourish here, you have to have a very specific idea in mind, a niche that has low competition and high demand. From shapewear and athleisure to formal and semi-formal clothes, everything is in-demand.

Maybe you want to start an online thrift store, and content marketing would be an easy task too – so many influencers and media personalities are shifting to the more natural and less environmentally-damaging lifestyle. And you can always give ads on social media.

  1. Technology Gear

Whether it is a drone camera, wireless headphones, or a writing tablet, everything from the tech field has fair demand. Even if there is no demand, creators are intuitively designing marketing campaigns for their products, making every customer believe that they NEED this product immediately!

With the increasing trend of blogging and vlogging, the tech items industry is rising and flourishing so fast. The high-quality video filming gadgets, drone cameras, mics, earbuds, the lighted mirrors for makeup, and many other tech items are selling like hotcakes.

There are a few options here as well, apart from making your products, which is very costly. Dropshipping is one of those ways. Or maybe buying goods from a wholesaler and selling them as your brand. Sounds good, right?

  1. Detox Tea

Fitness bloggers and lifestyle influencers have endorsed tips and products that can help in moving towards a more healthy and fit lifestyle. In recent years, the trend of detox teas and green teas has risen, making it a very profiting industry. More and more people from every age group are becoming more conscious about their physique and fitness.

From kombucha to matcha, you can sell almost anything, and marketing will not be a pain too; influencer marketing is here to save you!

  1. Subscription Boxes

Many online sellers have started their subscription boxes, like a bookstore gives away a book of the month, some hand-crafted items related to the theme, stickers, stationery, etc. From shaving cream companies to stationery items, everything has a subscription box service of some kind. You can even start a ready-to-cook meal subscription box. Especially for working people, cooking is a hefty task, and what is better than groceries being delivered at your doorstep, that too with a recipe. How convenient!

While you may have sorted out which product you are going to start your e-commerce business with, there are bound to be a few more questions in your mind, like, "where do I sell all these things? I have no programming skills to make my website, what should I do then?". 

Well, you do know how e-commerce platforms are springing here and there, but what is about these platforms that not everybody is excelling in their online business?

The answer is here. All these famous platforms have way too many sellers crowding the side. Of course, there are millions of potential customers, but the competition is very tough and high. The fees and expenses of opening your store on these sites are even higher. Imagine having to pay almost a $100 every month just to have an online store, and then the extra fee to list every item, a commission charged on every sale… You might even get so hoarded by expenses that you would have to shut your business eventually.

Well, with StoresGo, this will not happen.

StoresGo knows the struggle of operating an online business, and we are here to help you, and not drain your wallet!

StoresGo charges $0 for you to register as a seller, $0 to list your items, $0 for the marketing and SEO tools, so basically that makes your business start and operating expenses $0 per month, leaving your pocket full of revenues! How cool is that?

Not only can you run your business hassle-free, but without the tension of not being able to market or promote it. StoresGotakes it's customers very seriously, and we know what trying times we live in. Running a business is not a piece of cake, but it is pretty sweet with StoresGo and those matchless benefits it has to offer!

So, start your online store today, only at StoresGo! 

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