10 Sites to Sell Your Products That Don't Charge a Listing Fee

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Posted on March 08, 2022

When you launch an online store, the first major expense you need to bear is the listing fees. Numerous sites charge an exceptionally high listing fee, which can significantly decrease your profit margin. For this reason, you should always list your items on a site that does not charge a listing fee.

As a starter, you should do things as risk-free as possible. Hence, it is always a better choice to opt for stores that charge a minimal fee.

In this article, I will tell you about some of the most amazing seller sites that allow you to list items for free.


StoresGo is a relatively new seller’s site. However, the site is doing well because of its user-friendly interface. This site checks many boxes for a person looking to start an online business. The first, and perhaps one of the most important boxes to check is customer convenience. Customers like the ease of shopping with StoresGo. In addition, the site checks many other boxes as well, customers can search for items, make an account, sign in as a returning customer, check their cart as often as they like, and it provides an option to sell items as well.

StoresGo is great for advertising your products, they have the best selling and discounted products; and they have department specific listings. 

Another great thing is that, as a new seller, you get an extensive guide on how you can make your products look more appealing. The guide also explains how you can bring your products up on the front page of the site.

Facebook Marketplace

Currently, Facebook has become the largest social media platform all around the world. It has a massive active user base of 2.23 billion people. In 2016, Facebook saw its potential of becoming an effective marketplace.

So if you want to sell items locally, the Facebook marketplace is the right option. They provide you with an active user base. However, the Facebook marketplace does not offer a delivery system. Therefore, it is ideal to sell items locally.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows all kinds of online stores to do businesses. They work on the point-of-sale systems. They let you design your online stores. They provide you with an option to construct deals and packages.

It is a good platform for merchants. With Shopify, merchants have access to an effective range of products.


Communication is one of the key factors that make any business successful. When you have top-notch communication with your customers, you automatically start building a strong relationship with them. The buyers start to trust you more, and every aspect of your business starts falling into place.

 If you are looking for such a platform for your business, then I will suggest that you opt for a bonanza. It is an award-winning online marketplace that is popular among users for its top-notch communication facility.


Amazon is currently the largest marketplace for sellers. Today’s, it receives millions of users worth of traffic every day. The key feature Amazon provides you with is its exceptional shipping facility. Currently, it has the largest shipping channel all over the world.

If you sell items on Amazon as an individual buyer, the site does not charge any listing fee. You can avail this service and give your product great exposure.


It is the first-ever online marketplace all around the world; the marketplace launched in 1995, and the world got its first taste of an online marketplace. Most people know eBay because of its auction-based selling technique. Another reason for eBay’s popularity is that you can find absolutely anything there.

You can think of anything, and it’s very likely that eBay will have it on sale. Even though eBay is the oldest seller's market, it still receives millions of active users.


Etsy is the perfect site for you if you are planning to sell custom handicrafts, vintage, or exquisite items. It has a wide audience of art enthusiasts visiting the site every day to find something unique. The great thing is that the site looks like Instagram for the seller, so many people get attracted to it.


Craigslist is a selling website. It is the biggest eBay competitor since the beginning. The site made its debut back in 1995 as well. Since then, the site has been receiving massive traffic of millions of active users. However, the site is infamous for scams and frauds.


Nextdoor is an excellent site if you are planning to start a business. The site works perfectly for local businesses. It works similar to Craigslist. Through the website, you can bring your entire neighborhood in place and give them updates about your business.

Nextdoor is entirely free. Therefore, you can list a wide range of items here. Many businesses picked their start from this platform. This makes it entirely risk-free.


Finding an online store that specializes in selling furniture is challenging to find. Chairish is one of those few stores that will help you with listing furniture pieces for free.

However, they do keep a 20 percent share from each of the items sold. In addition, Chairish does have a standard that you need to keep up with. They will not let you sell things they consider that are of no use to the buyer.

However, it is a great site for furniture enthusiasts. For a reason, the buyers know they are going to receive a high-quality item, and the seller knows what the customer’s expectation is.

Final Feedback

Online marketplaces are great to kick start your business. However, the marketplace that teaches you how to take your business to new heights is the clear winner, and StoresGo does that the best. They have a good interface, which is convenient for a beginner as well. Not to mention, they do not charge you any money for listing your items, which makes it entirely risk-free.